5 Health Habits to Start this Second

Getting in shape (or, um, staying that way) can be tough during the fall. School’s kicking into high gear and, suddenly, there’s candy piling up everywhere. Here are a few easy habits to help you stay fit ‘n’ fab this season.

Make Exercise Mandatory
You brush your teeth and shower daily, right? Make exercise that much of a priority. Don’t get obsessive about it, but pencil it in to your daily list and actually make a point to check it off. Dance your butt off on Friday, go for a long hike on Saturday, practice yoga on Sunday, hit the soccer fields with your girls on Monday, do some weightlifting on Tuesday. Well, you get it. Keep the variety up and your will feel fab and get in shape fast.

Keep Sweets a Treat
It’s easy to dig into the cupcakes that show up at student council meetings and grab a mini Twix from your mom’s secret stash. Instead of letting yourself eat any goodies ya see, limit yourself to one a day. You’ll keep those teeth in top shape, avoid needless calories and, oh yeah, will actually savor it more than if you were downing cookies and pizza 24/7.

De-stress Daily
Get into the practice of slashing your stress. Whether you journal, dip into a bath or simply read for fun, make a point of relaxing before you hit the sack. It’s good to free your mind from clutter and staying calm and cool is key for your long-term health.

Chop those Snacks
The occasional snack is A-OK, but we’ve got a quick trick for keeping them from getting out-of-control unhealthy. Limit your between-meal bites to foods you have to chop up. Fruits and veggies get bumped to the top and packaged goodies get tossed by the wayside. Nutritious add-ons (like hummus, almond butter and salsa) add flavor.

Ditch Fake Health Foods
We don’t believe in counting calories or fretting over every single thing you eat. But a li’l bit of research is key before assuming something is good for you. Some foods have a “health halo,” which means lotsa folks think they are packed with nutrients but are secretly dietary disasters. Smoothies, bagels, granola and sweetened yogurt all fall in this camp. Opt for foods that are less processed and don’t have sugar added. You’ll have more energy in the long run.

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by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016