How to host the cutest spring picnic party

Move over, snowy weather: spring is here! With this new szn comes so much to be excited about—especially the ability to hang outside! And what better way to celebrate the kickoff of warm weather and spring fits than with a picnic party?

Cue the IG pics, pls!

Decide on a location


One of the most important parts of a spring picnic is the location. Brainstorm a few places that could act as the perfect picnic spot. (We recommend going to a local park, botanical garden or waterfront. But if you're running short on time, simply host a spontaneous picnic in your backyard!)

Just remember that wherever you set up will be the background for all your picnic pics. So make sure to choose a picturesque place—bonus points if there are flowers nearby!

Pick a theme


Pretty in pink? Cottagecore? Light academia chic? Flowers + charcuterie boards? Deciding on a theme for your spring picnic can totally elevate your party and provide the perfect outline for your decor. Plus, you and your besties can coordinate the perf outfits to rock as you snack and snap.

Choose your foods


While everyone loves a good charcuterie board, you don't want to accidentally show up to the party and see that there are five already made (oops). Plan with your squad what foods you're going to bring, whether it's mini sandwiches, side dishes (we totally recommend fruit or a homemade dip), desserts or even cutesy-themed drinks to sip while you snack.

Perfect your decor

Make your party totally IG-worthy with decorations like a cute picnic basket and silverware! Nothing says "spring picnic" like a ton of flowers, colored cups and floral blankets.

Pro tip: If you want to get even more creative, you can set up one of your blankets as a backdrop for your Insta pics. Cute *and* aesthetically pleasing.

Plan out your activities


While snapping pics and snacking makes for an already amazing party, be sure to plan some games or activities to do while you're out in the sun! You can bring supplies for journaling, coloring or scrapbooking, or even bust out your favorite card or board game for some friendly competition.

Happy spring, loves!

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by Sophie LaBella and Katherine Mahoney | 4/20/2024