Intern for GL!

Intern at Girls' Life

If you love writing, social media, marketing, entertainment and *all* things GL, our internship program is for you! The application window for the spring 2023 program has closed. Check back in March for details about our summer internship!

Questions? Contact Kathleen O'Neill for more info.

What Our Interns Say: 

"My internship with Girls' Life has seriously been the coolest. It is such a supportive environment of girls who constantly lift each other up and I couldn't be happier with everything I've gotten to do. You get to write about fun topics, contribute to amazing social media and learn so many things you'd never expect. It's a fun time to learn and to challenge yourself." - Jasmine, Spring 2022 Intern

"My internship was beyond amazing—I met so many great people, built my portfolio with tons of different writing pieces and had an amazing experience. My fellow interns and staff members were so supportive throughout the whole process. I now feel more prepared for a career in the journalism field." - Paige, Spring 2022 Intern

"I can easily say that my internship with GL was one of the best experiences of my life. GL is such a positive community for both its readers and its staff. I truly believe that everyone cares so much about what they're working on. When I was younger, I loved reading the magazine, and now I'm the one offering that advice. It's a dream come true. Being in a hands-on remote work environment taught me so much about media and I'm so proud to be able to learn and grow in a workplace full of other inspiring women." - Abigail, Summer 2021 Intern

"The GL staff are some of the nicest and most supportive women I have ever met. They genuinely care about every single intern and want us all to succeed. Not only have I grown as a writer (and graphic designer) during my time as an intern, but I’ve also made some amazing friends. I could literally *never* say enough positive things about GL." - Aubrey, Summer 2022 Intern

"I couldn't have asked for a better experience with the GL summer internship. I learned so much about the behind-the-scenes of running a publication and got to participate in so many projects without it ever feeling like a job or a chore (seriously, it was *so* fun). The community at GL is empowering and I know I have a support system behind everything I do. I have grown in my writing ability and my ability to reach out to new people. This internship is perfect for someone willing to put in 100% effort—that hard work will be returned to you in so many gratifying ways." - Riley, Summer 2021 Intern

"My internship with GL has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Not only have I gotten so many opportunities to help out with the website and social media platforms, but I've also gotten the chance to make so many new friends. I have grown as a writer and learned so many new skills." - Elizabeth, Summer 2022 Intern

GL interns (and new BFFs) Abigail and Sophia met up in person after their program. Exploring your passions while making forever friends? Here for it!