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Welcome to GL’s new giveaway page, where you’ll find tons of fab stuff that’s 100% F-R-E-E. Take a peek at everything that’s up for grabs right now below—and remember to keep checking back, as we’ll be updating often with exciting new stuff to score.

Win Sabrina's personalized picks from Aéropostale!
WIN! Score a sweet prize pack from C'est Moi
WIN! Customized MDacne treatments
Customized MDacne treatments for beautiful, acne-free skin.
WIN! Ooly pen set
Perfect penmanship is within your grasp with this rainbow set from Ooly.
WIN! Invisibobble hair ring
Elegant Invisibobble hair spirals make for a kink-free hold. Finally!
WIN! Teeny Wee Lip Gloss
Teeny Wee Lip Gloss fits in your twee-est, tiniest pockets.
WIN! Splat temporary dyes
Splat temporary dyes = cool color for quick-change artists.
WIN! Lip Smacker Lippy Pal
We’re seeing rainbows with this Lip Smacker Lippy Pal, Unicorn Magic.
WIN! Fin Fun mermaid leggings
Mermaid leggings from Fin Fun are the perf under-the-sea update.
WIN! Baby G watch
We’re srsly sweating the glossy blue origin series Baby G watch.
WIN! LeChat nail polish collection
LeChat’s English Rose line features the pastel hues of your dreams.
WIN! David's Bridal jewelry set
A dainty, sparkly rose gold set that dazzles from David’s Bridal.
WIN! Boix Beauty fragrance
Fresh and flirty fragrances for a whole new you from Boix Beauty.
WIN! BraBar bralette
Cute, comfy and supportive, BraBar bralettes are a gym essential.
WIN! Clio Palmperfect electric shaver
Shave in style with the Clio Palmperfect electric shaver.
WIN! Spoolies Heatless Hair Curlers
Say bye to heat treatments 4ever with Spoolies Heatless Hair Curlers.
Fresh Spring Picks
Win! Our fave spring essentials
Spectacular Spring Reads
Win our fave buzzing books!