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EXCLUSIVE! Kylie Cantrall is just trusting the universe...and it's giving some serious star power right back. The actress and musician, 18, opens up about her EP out this year (it's sassy, yet vulnerable), the upcoming Descendants reboot (she's the main character, nbd) and, ofc, her very best crush advice (hint: it involves a prank call). 


It's giving spring fashion 🎀💐
Bc true love is between a girl and her closet.

Balletcore beauty is on pointe 🩰
Pull on your tights and channel your inner prima ballerina. 

Be! Our! Galentine! 
From room décor to school supplies, we handpicked the adorbs accessories you need to show yourself all the love, all the time. 

Why you're not dating...yet
Six reasons you and your crush aren't dating for real. PLUS: How to signal that you're super into someone—without playing games.

Quiz! Take this with your besties
Every gal brings an oh-so-special something to the squad. What's your vibe?

Lucky girl = you 🍀
We've got the secrets to getting everything you want this year. Plus, what to say to boost any mood, (psst, it works every time!).

Your guide to getting stuff done 
Chronic procrastinators: Time to stop putting off being the best version of yourself. Glow up your study sitch...for good.

Feeling nostalgic? We know why 
If you're low-key missing whipped coffee and TikTok dance tutorials, you're not alone. Take *these* four lockdown lessons into the here and now. 

Change your (hair) part, change your life
It's quick, easy and doesn't require a major makeover (or even a single scissor snip). Get the side part, middle part or shake-it-up part of your dreams...

"This year, I'm my own Valentine" 
"I've never been on a date. Nope, not a single one." GL girl Bailey writes a letter to herself—and all the single girls out there—about how to truly love yourself.

Welcome to your winter workout wonderland 
Don't let the cold temps fool you: We're officially entering peak fitness szn. Just channel your inner Elsa...

The Everything Bath is back! 
Move over Everything Shower, it's time to start soaking.

Quiz! What's your love language?
We're breaking down how your crush (and crew) can best show up for you. Awww.

Your journal, but make it ~aesthetic~ 
We've got 14 v. pretty ways to schedule your next self-care sesh, jot down your deepest thoughts or pen your next poem. 

Everything you need to watch, read and listen to this season...
Are you feeling kinda SOUR or ready to spill your GUTS? Just in time for her tour kickoff, our (un)official matrix shows you where you fall in the Olivia Rodrigo-verse. PLUS: Love lessons we learned from our fave onscreen couples (Team Paxton, you are not going to like this one...) and literally ~everything~ you need to know about 14-year-old Wonka breakout star, singer and certified Timothée Chalamet bestie Calah Lane


🌼 The beginner's guide to going to therapy 
Because getting help for your mental health doesn't have to be daunting.

💋 Lies (and truths!) about your first kiss 
With this advice, your Mia Thermopolis foot-pop moment is totally in the cards.

☃️ Wave goodbye to dry winter skin 
Time for some serious hydration—without the breakout worries.

💚 Stop being scared of change...for good 
Plot twist? You got this! How to handle your feelings and let go of control.

😍 Consider your cramps cured
Yes, pain-free periods *are* possible. 

❄️ Find your ultimate cozy fragrance 
The weather outside might be frightful, but the right scent can make spending time indoors darn delightful. 

+ Dear Carol on friend drama and how to ask out your crush 
+ The tarot card to match your zodiac sign (and what it means) 
+ The dreamiest rom-com read to match your first date energy 
+ The most hilarious Valentine's Day Mad Lib 
+ All the embarrassing crush moments 
+ Tons of fun, games and freebies 
...and so much more!


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February/March Cover (Kylie Cantrall): Photographed by Mike Azria. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair by George Fragkioudakis. Makeup by Sophia Hutch. 

Fashion: Sydney Sweeney, Galentine: Besties: Lucky: Get Stuff Done: Nostalgia: Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio photographed by Heidi D'Amelio for Girls' Life June/July 2020 issue. Hair Part: Valentine: Bath: Love Language: Journal: Books:

by GL | 1/13/2024