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EXCLUSIVE! Txunamy Ortiz is peak Cool Girl—and she's in her top secret era. From the upcoming acting roles she's not allowed to talk about (yet) to her anti-oversharing approach to social media, the actress and influencer, 14, is living proof that less can be more.


Fashion finds we're falling for 
We're serving books and looks bc it's studious girl autumn.

Taylor and Selena have bangs, so should you 
Hear us out: The right fringe can be super flattering and offer a fun style shakeup. But before you dash to the salon, pick the right option for your hair texture and face shape.

Quiz! What's your romance status?
Some crushes have the potential to become real-deal relationships while others are best sneaking wistful glances to from across the cafeteria. Answer our Q's to discover what's truly in your heart. 

6 legit TikTok skincare trends
Face-sculpting Gua Shas, cooling ice rollers, futuristic red light masks: Did you just become a #skinfluencer? Yes, yes you did. 

If you are the Emotional Support Friend...this is for you
Constantly finding yourself on the receiving end of your friends' struggles? You might be an empath—and it's time to set some boundaries.

Time for a social media cleanse (*double tap*) 
When you're stuck in the endless compare-and-despair scroll loop, a two-week break might be all you need for a reset. Here's how to make it happen (without losing your social life). 

Boo! You just got ghosted...what now?
Saying it loud and clear: ghosting is The. Absolute. Worst. Nothing is scarier than a would-be bae forgetting you exist...except not knowing how to handle it and move on.

Last-minute costume girlies: We're here to save your Halloween 
The best part? You can pull any of these ready-to-wear ensembles straight from your closet.

Yes, there is a class on how to be happier 
And we took notes so you don't have to. Your "live in the moment" study guide awaits.

Your pout game? Powered up
We've rounded up the best new glossy bullets, nourishing oils and non-drying mattes. "Tyvm" - lips everywhere.

Consider that "already overwhelmed by school" sitch solved
Have no fear: It's not to late to give your homework habits a refresh that'll last 'til June.

Enter your fitness girlie era 
Strength training + HIIT cardio + Zen yoga seshes = your perfect workout week. Just follow this step-by-step guide to pushing, stretching *and* resting your bod.

This is how you Halloween
In the words of China Anne McClain's iconic song, we're "calling all the monsters." Guaranteed this spooky hang is going to ~cast a spell~ on all your guests.

The perfect crystal for your star sign
Scorpio gals, you're about to heart *this* stone that can give you an important perspective shift. (Oh, and fire signs, get ready to fix things with your former bestie.) 

Everything you need to watch, read and listen to this fall...
You're going to be playing Khloe Rose's music on repeat this season (srsly, listen to "Fictional" and try not to belt the lyrics/share with all your besties/cry). The singer-songwriter, 19, takes us behind the scenes of all the anticipation and anxiety that went into completing her v. vulnerable EP, The In Between (streaming now) in just nine days. PLUS: Spooky movies for the girlies who hate horror (though #4 just might make you a scare fan) and the ~ultimate~ book nook aesthetics to pair with your next TBR. 


๐Ÿ˜ด Read this...then go to bed 
We bet you're staying up ~way~ too late rn so reset your sleep habits (but still stay booked 'n' busy) with these simple tricks. 

๐ŸŽถ Girl, put your records on
Attention, music lovers: It's time to start collecting vinyl. 

๐ŸŽ€ The newbie's guide to...the perfect velcro roller volume
Look out, Matilda Djerf, we're coming for your bouncy curl lewk. 

๐Ÿ’” Let's overcome these relationship jumpscares, shall we? 
If your first romance is starting to feel more fright than fab, don't head for the exit just yet...

๐Ÿ˜ฑ Your period probs, explained 
Heavy flow? Unpredictable cycle? Up-and-down mood? We asked the experts what's going on when things get weird during that time of the month.

๐Ÿ‘ฏ‍โ™€๏ธ She's everything and you're 
Psst: Getting jealous of your BFF is actually normal and, yes, your friendship can survive these feels. Here's how to handle it. 

+ Dear Carol on first kisses, bad grades and sibling fights 
+ Your step-by-step guide to standing up for yourself in any sitch 
+ Quiz! Are you a chronic oversharer? 
+ All the hilariously awkward Halloween party moments 
+ Tons of fun, games and freebies 
...and so much more!


Fab fantasy stories? Relatable main characters? Page-turning romances? Check, check and check. Peep our ultimate fall reads then enter to win 'em all HERE. ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ˜

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Website mentions in October/November 2023...
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Image Credits:

October/November Cover (Txunamy Ortiz): Photographed by Mike Azria. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair by George Fragkioudakis. Makeup by Sophia Hutch. 

Fall Fashion: Photographed by Mike Azria. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair by George Fragkioudakis. Makeup by Sophia Hutch. Dress, R Vivimos. Glasses, Privé Revaux. Bracelet, The Henna Shop. Earrings, necklace, tights, all Claire's. Socks, H&M. Shoes, Zaynsia. Ring, model's own.

Hair: Romance: Skincare: Friend: Social Media: @kaiagerber via Happy: Lips: Workout: Costume: School: Halloween Party: Crystals: Khloe Rose: Acacia Evans. 


by GL | 9/19/2023