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Girls’ Life (GL) magazine was founded in August 1994 (yes, we’re ancient, we know) by Karen Bokram. Since then, GL has grown from a 23-year-old’s pipe dream project to a best-selling and award-winning platform for tween and teen girls.

GL is dedicated to informing, inspiring and entertaining girls around the globe—and that includes everything from starting your business (we LOVE spotlighting smart, successful teens…so if you have a great story, holler at us here) to putting up with periods (tons of tampon help here) to styling a personal look you’ll love (fashion + beauty advice 4-ever).

And we’re delivering all this awesome content in more ways than ever: The print edition of Girls’ Life hits newsstands (find it near you) and mailboxes (subscribe here) six times per year. You can read the mag on your device (get digital here). We’ve also got a website that publishes original content across nine verticals every single day (from breakfast recipes to breakup remedies, we’ve got it). And because we love being social IRL, we dig social media, too—we’re on all the major platforms (peep our Instagram here).

Speaking of IRL, we’re also proud to present a line-up of signature and annual events—like Back-to-School Fashion Bash (our free music and fashion festival), Rock Your Life (a teen leadership and empowerment summit), Fitness Fest (a wellness workshop) and more.

GIRLS’ LIFE: The magazine…
Every issue of GL is packed with real information and advice—steps to academic success, strategies for dealing with stress, ways to handle peer pressure, self-esteem boosters—in addition to fresh fashion advice, smart beauty secrets (from skincare to makeup to hair), fun quizzes, exclusives with celebs, cringe-worthy embarrassing moments and more. Parents can trust GL to guide girls through the growing-up years—without making them grow up too fast. But don’t just take *our* word for it: While we don’t mean to brag, we think it’s really awesome that GL has won multiple Parents’ Choice Gold Awards and multiple The Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Awards. Here’s a sneak peek at the departments you’ll find in every single issue…
+ MUST LIST: All the books, movies, music, celebs, concerts and events you’ll want on your radar.
+ FASHION + BEAUTY: Inspiration and advice for expressing your own unique sense of style—from awesome outfit ideas to skincare secrets to major trend alerts to cinchy hairstyles and wallet-friendly wardrobe options.
+ CRUSHES: The ups and downs of dating (or not dating)…decoded.
+ LIFE: Parent problems? School stress? Friend feuds? Sib sitches? Teen girls deal with a lot of drama—but we’ve got all the tried-and-tested advice for living your best life. Plus, in-depth articles on timely topics related to important issues like eating disorders, sexual harassment and so much more.
+ GET INSPIRED: Meet real, rad girls with amazing stories—from teen CEOs running their own businesses to survivors of extraordinary circumstances to girls giving back—and learn from their most important lessons.
+ FITNESS: Achieve total wellness with energy-boosting recipes, easy workout routines, helpful information for understanding *everything* going on with your body, advice for boosting confidence and body positivity, and other essential info.
+ MAKE IT CUTE: Find all the fun things here: party-planning guides, yummy recipes, room decor ideas, seasonal essentials (because girls *need* the complete guide to a good snow day, right?), embarrassing moments (just. so. relatable) and lots more.
GIRLSLIFE.COM: The website…
Bookmark girlslife.com for daily updates and completely original content across all the Girls’ Life verticals. The best part? Everything is completely free, thanks to our awesome partners (you’ll notice some of their sponsored banners on different parts of every page—and they make it all possible).
ADVERTISE WITH US: The details...
We’re obsessed with creating cool content—and we’re always happy to help our partners with projects big and small alike. We offer fully customizable, turnkey campaigns that deliver proven results across key platforms. Want to explore branded content options, check out our influencer programs, run a special giveaway, survey teen girls for a study or review our media kit? Click here for more info.

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