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Just the perfect TBR (that's tote bag rec) to match your TBR

Fashion girls + book girls unite for these chic combos.

The book: A Galaxy of Whales by Heather Fawcett (Rocky Pond Books, $18)

Fern’s plans for the summer? First, take a prize-winning photo during her mom’s whale-watching tour so she can score some cash. Then, use the money to buy a gift that’ll completely win over her drifting best friend, Ivy. Simple, right? Not if her neighbor and frenemy Jasper, who’s also entering the contest, has anything to do with it.

The tote: Maeve, $58

The book: The Monarchs of Winghaven by Naila Moreira (Candlewick, $19)

To Sammie, Winghaven is more than an abandoned lot in her suburban town: It’s her secret sanctuary and a place where wildlife thrives. When Sammie and new kid Bram discover that Winghaven is under threat from a local developer, they team up to save the special spot—and all the amazing critters that call it home.

The tote: Universal Thread, $35

The book: Attached at the Hip by Christine Riccio (Wednesday Books, $21)

When Orie Lennox lands a spot on a reality show, she hopes spending time on a remote island will give her a much-needed life reset. Instead, she finds herself playing a romance game along with eight other her high school crush. As her feelings resurface for a lost love, Orie deals with new alliances and wild challenges.

The tote: Calpak, $35

The book: The Quince Project by Jessica Parra (Wednesday Books, $24)

Cas Torres dreams of becoming a party planner. The only problem? She needs more experience before she can apply for her top internship. So what if she accidentally caused a huge disaster at her sister’s quinceañera? This time, she’ll be prepared…or so she thinks. But after she books a vlogger’s quinceañera, Cas’ foolproof plan starts to spiral out of control.

The tote: Maeve, $88

The book: Darker by Four by June CL Tan (HarperTeen, $20)

Rui wants revenge for her mother’s death and vows to hone her powers to get it…even if it means teaming up with a magicless boy and a Reaper. When she accidentally gives her gifts away and a death god goes missing, Rui must make dangerous deals to keep her promises and prevent the human world from falling apart in this fantasy inspired by the Chinese underworld.

The tote: State Bags, $115

The book: A Game of Noctis by Deva Fagan (Atheneum BFYR, $18)

Welcome to Dantessa, where the deadly Great Game controls the lives of its citizens. While Pia usually keeps to herself and follows the rules of the city, everything changes when her beloved Gramps gets in trouble. She finds herself joining the Seafoxes, a team of Noctis players who all have their own secrets. Will she be able to break the rules to save her grandfather?

The tote: Mersi, $89

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by GL | 4/14/2024