Everything you need to know about the hot girl walk

The viral hot girl walk has taken over sooo many workout routines. To be fair, strutting in a cutesy set with a niche catwalk playlist? Count us in. 

If you're new to the trend, we got you. Here's everything you need to know about the "It girl" workout, from health benefits to fun routines. 

What is a hot girl walk? 

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The hot girl walk can vary from person to person. Not everyone is looking for the same intensity or working towards the same goals (aka, if you're not up for a two-hour walk and would rather go on a daily coffee commute, the more power to you, GF). 

But it did start as a pandemic hobby and a way to exercise mindfully. Originally, this meant a four-mile walk while focusing on gratitude and goals. Since then, the hot girl walk has been adapted over and over again to fit whatever suits the individual—the main purpose is really to just build confidence!

Long story short? It gives you a *ton* of creative freedom with how you want to fit this into your workout routine. 

How is it good for you? 

Even for just 30 minutes a day, walking can give you *so* many health benefits like healthier joints and an overall boosted mood. It's an accessible form of exercise that people of all fitness levels can include in their workouts. 

Walking daily increases your metabolism which helps you burn more calories in a low-impact way (to think, you don't even have to leave the house to go on a treadmill walk). It also lowers blood pressure, risk of chronic diseases and improves sleep quality. 

How to start

Scrolling past hot girl walk TikToks can be a little confusing—so, you just start walking? Going on a simple walk in the neighborhood is always a good start, but if you want to level it up, here are some super fun structured walks you can try out!

The 12-3-30: For all you gym and rainy weather girlies, this is the perf walk for you. Get on a treadmill, set it to an incline of 12 and walk at a 3.0 pace for 30 minutes. Walking uphill is a great way to increase the intensity of the workout, and it's super adaptable to what you're comfortable with. For beginners, we recommend starting with an 8-10 incline and work your way up to 12! 

The OG 4-mile: This one is more focused on mental well-being (we love to see it). Whether it's a trail near your house or on a treadmill, walk at a comfortable (but still challenging) pace for four miles and think about what you're grateful for and how you can achieve your goals. With the right playlist, this is the *perf* way to move and destress. 

Make it fun!

We all know that doing the same workout routine can get a liiittle boring at times. But, a hot girl walk is something you should look forward to! Think of it as a strut down the catwalk with some *amaze* music playing. Main character energy? Always.

Make sure that you're walking at at least a 3-4 mile pace by creating an upbeat playlist you can easily sync to. Alternatively, it's also a great way to multi-task by listening to your fave podcast or catching up on that class lecture you missed. 

And ofc, we can never forget about the outfit. Is it just us, or do we always feel more motivated to work out when we have a good set on? Whether it's your fave sports bra and biker shorts or leggings, put on whatever makes you feel the best.

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Slider and top image: @reneenoe


by Anne Chen | 4/18/2024