What's really causing your stomach bloat

There is (almost) nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and bloated. It makes you want to curl up in sweatpants and not leave your bed. Below are some of the causes of stomach bloating you probably didn’t know about...and solutions to all of them so you can feel better, stat.

You drink diet drinks.
There’s a common misconception about diet food that it's "healthier" but in reality, most of it isn't so good for you. Low calorie sweeteners are confusing for your digestive tract and that’s exactly why you’re feeling icky after drinking them. Just grab a water next time.

You’ve eaten a lot of fiber.
Fiber is essential to a healthy diet, but eating too much can bloat you up. Foods such as raw kale and beans that are high in fiber, for example, can be to blame. Both are considered super foods, though, so if you still want to get your greens, try cooking your kale so it’s easier to digest.

You’re a fast and furious eater.
This one sound a little weird, but eating too fast does make you bloated. When you’re rushed to eat (which we know happens all the time with a busy schedule), you trap air bubbles in your belly that keep food from getting digested. The best thing you can do is pace yourself, stop worrying about talking during lunch and wake up early enough to eat breakfast.

It’s that time of the month.
There are so many symptoms that you’re about to get your period (like, ahem, water retention) but we can’t complain too much because our bodies are doing what they should be doing. To beat the bloat, limit your intake of salt and processed foods and drink lots of water. You will likely still be bloated, but this way you can reduce the discomfort.

You could have a food sensitivity.
Bloating is a way of your body telling you that something is up and a gluten allergy or sensitivity can be a major culprit. If you do have a sensitivity to something, you’re bloated because your body can’t process the food properly. The best thing to do is pay attention to what you're eating and how your body reacts. If something is constantly bloating you, cut it out of your diet.

Did you know about any of these bloating culprits? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Bella Torres | 12/7/2017