The 9 #relatable stages of having a crush

Crushing on someone can be an emotional roller coaster—after all, they don’t call it a crush for nothing. But liking someone new can also be fun, exciting and a myriad of other feels. No matter what crazy or awkward stage of a crush you're currently in, take a sec to step back to LOL at it all and enjoy the moment. You never know what stage 10 could be.

1. Meeting

Meeting your crush for the first time might be magical, but try to play it cool. Just being yourself is the best way to get a guy or girl to like you.

2. Denial 

You don’t *actually* have a crush on this person. Seriously, you feel nothing. They're just a normal human! You are a strong, independent girl who doesn't need a bae—oh wait...look at that thing her eyes do when she smiles. Wow. Maybe you do have a thing for her. 

3. Realization

Once you realize you’re crushing on someone, everything changes. You start to act differently around them and think about them all the time. In your mind, your crush can do no wrong. Nothing can beat this giddy feeling you have.

4. Sharing

You have to share your feelings with someone, so your friends are your go-to for gushing. Since they know you best they'll be able to tell you if it is or isn't meant to be. 

5. Nervousness

Being nervous is a totally normal part of having a crush. There is nothing more nerve racking than talking to someone you’ve been gabbing about with your friends for days. Try to keep your cool and don’t let your nerves get the best of you. 

6. Awkwardness

Seeing them in public thoroughly freaks you out. The awkwardness and the nervousness seem to go hand in hand, because when you get nervous you get awkward. So no matter how weird the interaction between you and your crush may be, just play it off like it's no big deal—because it is.

7. Stalking

Checking your crush’s social media is hard to avoid. It starts out casual, just a quick browse of their profile pics. Then, the next thing you know you’re looking at snaps from his family trip to the Bahamas *three* years ago. Be careful, though, as it will definitely come across as creepy if you accidently like a photo that's several years old. As long as you don’t go crazy with the likes, a little internet sleuthing never hurt.

8. Insanity

There are always moments during a crush where you question if you’re going cray-cray. Between thinking about her, telling your friends about her and awkward run-ins, you might think you’re losing you're mind. Fret not, babe, that's just the crush lust talking.

9. Acceptance

After experiencing each of these weird phases of crushing, you just have to accept the inevitable: your crush will either like you back or not. Whatever happens, the only thing you can do is accept the outcome and know that you're fab no matter what. *Hair flip.*

What happens when *you* have a crush? Share in the comments!

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by Emmrick McCadden | 2/23/2019
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