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We're ditching the "summer body" mindset

The weather is warmer and the skies are sunnier, which can only mean one thing...summer is almost here! With our fave season right around the corner, you might have already seen an IG post or two about preparing for the beachy vibes. And while posts about making summer bucket lists and vision boards can be full of super fun inspo, posts about getting your "summer body" ready can be, well, not so great.

We're here to tell you that you *do not* need to change your body for the summer—you're beautiful as you are! So instead of spending your energy going after unattainable body standards through harsh workouts and diets, try focusing on simply being healthy physically and mentally instead. Here's how to do it...

Move your body in ways that make you happy


We love a good workout sesh that gets us moving, but if you find yourself dreading following along with that YouTube cardio video every morning, it might be time to find a new way to move your body that *actually* makes you happy.

Maybe using an elliptical at the gym isn't your jam, but going on a walk with your besties could be! Going on a slow run with your fave podcast playing, dancing along to your top T-Swift songs and riding your bike around the neighborhood with your little brother are all ways to incorporate some healthy (and fun!) movement into your day. Bc you know what they say—exercise really does boost your mood.

Eat foods that give you energy


We all have our fave comfort snacks, whether it's popcorn, chocolate chip cookies or potato chips. Sure they might not be super healthy, but they make us happy and satisfied after a long day of school. So why give them up?

Instead of completely removing your fave foods from your diet, consider adding some healthier foods to your day, too. If you have some berries and a banana with your breakfast yogurt and add some broccoli or a side salad to your dinner, you might find yourself feeling more energetic. DW, you can still have your after-dinner ice cream—and feel good about it since you upped your fruit and veggie game already.

Follow body-positive influencers


Following influencers can be a great way to find inspo from someone you admire, but if someone's content leaves you feeling down about yourself, feel free to hit that "unfollow" button.

Social media is *your* space, so curate it to be a place of positivity. Follow body-positive (or body-neutral!) influencers that make you feel confident and inspired. Seeing other people embrace their bodies and everything that comes with them (stretch marks, cellulite, acne) might be just the thing you need to see your own body as normal and totally beautiful.

Wear clothes you feel comfortable in


With warmer weather comes new clothing options. Your IG account might be flooded with people in bikinis, denim shorts and tank tops, and maybe those are clothes you aren't comfortable wearing yourself. And that is totally OK!

Don't force yourself to wear things that make you uncomfortable. If you're strictly a one-piece swimsuit and T-shirt-and-running-shorts type of girl, that's great—we know you're rocking those fits! Feel free to stick to clothes that make you feel happy and confident, and don't feel like you need to give in to any pressure to change your style.

Remind yourself that you already have a summer body


The most important thing to do as you prepare for the summer months is to remind yourself that your body is already amazing. You do not have to change your looks to fit any "summer body" or "bikini body" standards. Your body is already perfect—no matter the season!

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by Maggie Salter | 4/13/2024