Your guide to romanticizing school (even when it feels overwhelming)

The end-of-semester slump: It's a thing. You may have started off the school year full of energy, then come back after winter break rested up and raring to go again.

But fast-forward a few months into the spring, when you're cramming for exams, prepping for that SAT class *and* driving to faraway soccer games every weekend...and the vibe is suddenly less "school can be fun!" and more "when will summer get here?"

For most of us, the truth is that school isn't going anywhere, at least not for a few years. That's why romanticizing school—imagining it in a fun, aesthetic way to make the reality more inspiring—is all over TikTok. But romanticizing school can be tough when the work is piling on and you just want to get to the end.

Keep reading for our top tips for making school fun and inspiring even when it's stressful.

Look forward to the little things

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HW, studying and sitting in lectures might be mandatory. But there are ways to make them more fun!

We recommend pairing a task with a little treat, like buddy-studying with a friend after school, listening to some of your fave music while you do your quadratric equations (T-Swift study playlist, anyone?) or bringing a travel mug of tea with you to your a.m. English class. Even tiny things like using colorful pens to liven up your in-class note-taking will make these tasks feel less like a grind and more like an interesting activity.

Aestheticize, aestheticize, aestheticize


Are you the type of girlie who picks out her school supplies *weeks* before classes start? If your fave part of a new semester is going shopping at the stationary store, a pretty, organized backpack might be just the motivation boost you need to get you through to the end of the year.

Try color-coordinating your folders for different subjects or keeping a gorgeous planner with different highlighters and stickers. And pick a backpack and pencil case to match the vibe you're going for, whether that's dark academia or springtime cottagecore.

Plan cute fits ahead of time


Choosing a cute OOTD when you roll out of bed on a sleepy morning might seem like the bottom of the priority list. But feeling stylish and put-together will add some pep to your step and give you the confidence that is sooo crucial when school gets stressful. Chances are, feeling your best on test days will help you perform better, too!

If you're in a time crunch in the mornings, try setting out an outfit the night before so you'll have something snazzy ready to go—even if your GRWM needs to be speedy.

Make time for self-care


Rushing from class to debate practice to late-night play rehearsal? When school is feeling extra busy, it's even more important to squeeze in moments of peace and calm even if everything else is hectic.

Try taking five minutes to meditate in the morning or at night before going to bed. Prioritize sleep, eat a balanced girl diet and exercise (even if it's just going on a hot girl walk around the block on a spring evening).

Taking care of yourself outside of school is just as important as romanticizing school itself. Plus, making time to balance your work with things you enjoy will give you that main character glow in school and out!

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by Ava Slocum | 4/24/2024