This 17-year-old's novel is unforgettable

When Boston high school student Ashley Royer began writing a novel on online community Wattpad, she never could have known it would become a sensation—and a bona fide published book! Read on to fall in love with Remember to Forget.

A tragic loss...

Rocked by the death of his girlfriend, Delia, 17-year-old Levi cannot escape the depression that has overtaken him. He refuses to speak, even when his mother sends him across the ocean from Australia to Maine to live with his father—who he hasn't seen in years.

A familiar face…

Everything changes when Levi meets Delilah, a stunning girl who works at his therapy office...and looks just like Delia. Suddenly, Levi finds himself wanting to tell her everything…and though he still cannot find it in himself to speak, he finds himself opening up to her in unexpected ways. 

A chance to forget…

The closer Levi becomes to Delilah, the more he begins to feel like his old self again. But will embracing his present mean forgetting his past...and Delia? Find out in the *unforgettable* Remember to Forget.

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by GL | 4/5/2016
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