Exclusive: We talked to Mahogany LOX about "BOOM" and all her big plans


Whether it's as a DJ, YouTube cover star or LMFAO's Sky Blu's baby sister, chances are you know Mahogany LOX. And if you don't, then you definitely will soon, because this 20-year-old is about to blow up. With her debut single "BOOM" out last week and DigiFest tour dates spanning the country, Mahogany LOX is working hard on her music and gave us a sneak peek at what's to come.

GL: What inspired you to start songwriting when you were younger?

Mahogany: Shakira! I wanted to be her when I was little, and I remember that I wrote my first song to the tune of "Whenever, Wherever" when I was about seven and that song was playing on the radio. I had my mom write it down for me because when I couldn't read my own writing. 

GL: You got into music as a DJ, right?

Mahogany: Yeah. I always sang, but on stage I was a DJ. I got started at Magcon thanks to a friend and got to perform a set, and then I kept going from there. I was posting YouTube covers, too, and when I shared a cover of "Problem" that I did with my friend Brandon Skeie and it got way more attention than we expected. It was my first time recording on a mic so it's really special to me. 

GL: We love your version. Are there any others you still want to cover?

Mahogany: I’ve always wanted to cover a LMFAO song and make a girly version of it, slow it down a little bit you know? 

GL: That sounds awesome. We love "BOOM" by the way. Are there any projects you're working on right now?

Mahogany: There's one song in particular, but you'll have to wait and see. 

GL: We know Mahogany is your birthname, but how did you come up with Mahogany LOX as a stage name?

Mahogany: My brother's company is called Big Bad University, and he's the "big bad wolf," so when I started DJing I went by Goldilocks, and the "locks" stuck.

GL: That's adorable. And your fans are called LOXsmiths, from by your name, which is so cute. 

Mahogany: Yeah! I asked them a long time ago what they wanted to be called and we picked LOXsmiths. Honestly, I love my LOXsmiths so much. They're so positive and I always want to make them proud.  

GL: You're hitting the stage for the first time performing your own original music now. What are you most excited for?

Mahogany: My favorite part of being a DJ was when I'd turn the music down and everybody would still be singing as loud as they could. I think if even just one person sings with me, I'll probably cry.

What do you think of "BOOM," GL girls? Are you LOXsmiths? Tell us in the comments, and don't forget to grab "BOOM" on iTunes


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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016