Your step-by-step guide to starting a vinyl collection

Have you been yearning to be a retro vinyl girlie for years now, but have no idea where to start? You've come to the right place. We've compiled a step-by-step guide on how you (that's right, YOU!) can step up your after-school dance party with your very own records. Sit back, relax and enjoy, bc we're time-traveling back to the '80s.

1. Find a record player

Urban Outfitters, $110

This is the first and most important step of the process. In the wake of Stranger Things turning us all into vintage-obsessed disco lovers, *so* many gals bought this Crosley record player from Urban Outfitters. It's super easy to use, looks fab and is cheaper than most other options! However, if you want to upgrade your jam seshes with high-quality sound, we recommend this Audio-Technica choice, also from UO. It prevents record damage, and the tunes will sound a bit cleaner (though it's pricier and requires extra speakers, so just purchase whatever floats your boat!).

2. Decide which albums you listen to the most 


Now for the fun part: choosing which records to actually buy! You only want to purchase vinyls that you'll enjoy hearing a couple years down the road, so you need to figure out what your all-time faves are. Do this by checking your Spotify or Apple Music stats and using websites like or! Once you've deciphered which albums you simply *must* have as physical records, purchase them directly from the artists' websites. That way, you'll ensure your tunes are authentic. 

3. Grab a vinyl shelf 

Urban Outfitters, $109

The next step in your vinyl journey is finding a safe place for your music to live. It should be accessible, store your records upright and contain enough room to grow your collection. Just keep this storage area out of direct sunlight, and that fresh Gracie Abrams album should be good to go.

4. Learn how to take proper care of your records

Not sure how to keep your new vinyls safe from scratches, warping, or other damage? You're in luck. We have a whole article *just* on this topic—check it out here! Long story short: Your records are super sensitive, so you have to take a few extra precautions to keep them spinning soundly. Def go over our list of care tips linked above!

5. Visit record stores for inspo


The best way to learn more about all things vinyl is to visit a local record shop. They often offer vintage or used records, which is a fab way to expand your music taste (and they're usually more budget-friendly). Also, if you have any probs with your record player, the employees there will be happy to help out. All in all, they're stellar places to browse, pick out records and vibe with your friends.

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by Julia Szymanski | 3/23/2023