Here's how to keep your curls defined this summer

Curls are beautiful, but managing them isn't always a walk in the park. Textured hair is especially prone to damage compared to other hair types, and never is this more true than during the summer months. All that extra heat and humidity can really affect your mane.

But just because keeping up with your curls in the summer may take a little more effort doesn't mean it's impossible. With these tips and tricks, your hair will not only survive through the summertime, but flourish too.

Use anti-humidity products

The reason you might get frizzy hair in humid weather is because your hair is lacking moisture. When there's not enough moisture in the hair shaft, it will absorb moisture from the air around you, turning into a big, poofy ball. If you love the poofy look, then great! But if you want a more defined look, keeping your hair hydrated and conditioned will prevent the humidity effect. Make sure you use a deep conditioner on a regular basis (ideally once a week, but less if your hair gets greasy), and find styling products that provide enough moisture.

Don't be afraid of strong hold gels


Strong-hold gels can be scary if you're not used to them—especially if you have a looser/wavier curl pattern. You might think that they'll give you "crunchy" hair. But that crunch is the secret to a hairstyle that lasts through hot, sweaty days. It's called a gel cast, and it traps all moisture in the hair strand to prevent any frizz or environmental stress from messing up your curls.

But if your gel cast is a little *too* crunchy for your sake, you can "scrunch out the crunch." Take a lightweight hair oil (or just your bare hands if you're prone to a greasy scalp) and smooth the hair from root to tip between both hands. That tiny bit of friction is enough to soften the hair without sacrificing the benefits of a strong-hold gel.

Protect your hair from the environment

Caring for your curly hair shouldn't get in the way of living your life. That being said, there are still certain precautions you should take while having fun. For example, while swimming in a chlorinated pool, minimize any chemical damage and/or tangling by braiding your hair before jumping in. Letting your hair fall freely while swimming can lead to knots, matting and chlorine damage.

And if you're going to be at the beach all day, consider wearing a hat to protect your scalp. The skin on your scalp is just as sensitive to UV rays as the skin on your body, and if you wouldn't neglect applying SPF to your body (which you shouldn't), then don't neglect keeping your scalp protected too.

Use gentle hair accessories


When it gets hot, we find relief by tying our hair up. But be careful what you use to create your updos. One of the biggest culprits of mechanical hair damage (damage caused by pulling, tearing, etc.) is using the wrong kind of hair accessories. Sometimes, the most convenient thing to do is tie your hair back with a classic elastic band, but these are often so tight that taking them out of your hair can cause breakage. Instead, opt for more gentle satin scrunchies or claw clips.

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Top image: @monicamarra
Slider image: @jaymejo


by Hana Tilksew | 7/9/2024