10 manis you'll want to rock this spring

What's great about getting a sleek manicure is that it's the one accessory you *don't* have to think about. You paint your nails once and then you look polished and stylish for weeks with zero effort! They're *also* a fab way to get into the spring spirit—and with the first day of spring being tomorrow, now is the perfect time to add a little life to your look.

Let one of these fun, funky and floral looks inspire you!

Floral is an obvious choice for spring, but you can easily kick it up with a gold-accented French twist.

Proof that nail art doesn't play by the rules: Bold, architectural shapes play up iridescent gems and a delicate blush pink let's textured periwinkle take center stage.

A bold primary blue makes an even bigger impact placed in stellar moon shapes next to pretty polka dotted glitter in varying shades.

Emoji mani...need we say more?

Cream, pink and mauve make the perfect backdrop for sweet, dainty greenery.

Another fun spin on the French manicure, this holographic style couldn't *bee* any cuter!

Pretty pastels and neutrals make mod shapes and lines easy on the eyes—and the fingers!

Blooms are abundant this season—but this mani goes above and beyond in its modest white and pink base with sleek silver vines.

Love a good ombre style, obv, and the tried and true style looks superb in these two cool colors.

Matte styles work on more than just lips! Pastel purple proves itself next to grays, white, geometric shapes and just the right amount of gold.

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by Sydney Adamson | 3/19/2017
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