Here's how to deal with humidity hair this summer

The runways are always full of amaze beauty inspo, but this season was especially on point: We're playing nice with humidity this summer, allowing frizz to win in the best way...

Easy and effortless

Perfection is overrated, especially when it comes to summer hair. Air-dried waves are perfect for looking cool without putting in too much work.

Snag the style: "Definitely skip the hot tools when it's humid," says hairdresser and Maria Nila education manager Theadora Guzmán. "They can zap the moisture right out of your hair, making it frizz even more." Instead, opt for hydrating formulas that'll keep hair happy (and less likely to absorb humid air). Want beachy waves? Hairstylist Chrissy Danielle Lotenero suggests combing a lightweight conditioner through your hair (we heart Nexxus Ultralight Smooth Frizz Defy Cream Serum, $16) then scrunching a mousse, curl cream or hair gel into freshly washed strands.


Undone Buns

Whether you're lifeguarding, going to a grad party or anywhere in between, an undone bun holds its own (plus it's totally stress-free and simple to master).

Snag the style: "Gather your hair into a loose bun or topknot, allowing some strands to fall. Embracing the frizz gives you that more relaxed look," says Lotenero. Coming from the beach? Even better—salt and sand add extra grit. No surf? No problem! Get the vibe with a few spritzes of a salt or texture spray (we heart Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, $7).


Sleek and chic

A go-to look on red carpets and beach bonfires alike, this glossy vibe is perfect for summer nights when you can't be bothered to wash and style your strands.

Snag the style: Use day two (three, four or more) grease to your advantage and slick hair back into a pretty 'do that does double duty. Keep hair in place with a wax, pomade or gel featuring moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil or coconut oil (try Eco Style Professional Olive Styling Gel, $5). The products do double time to nourish your hair and fight off frizz in the long run.


Bring on the braids

"Braids are another great way to control frizz," says Lotenero. Plus no matter what kind (baby, Dutch, fishtail...the list goes on), they're always super versatile.

Snag the style: Use any poofiness to your advantage to go bigger (if your strands are on the thinner side, gently pull apart your braid to make it look thicker). We also love adding baby braids to an air-dried style—especially on face-framing pieces that tend to frizz faster. And for the coily-haired girls: You already know how much of a strand-saver microbraids can be on humid days.


Plop your curls the *right* way

Volume, definition and zero frizz? Yes, it's possible.

First, work a leave-in conditioner through your wet hair. Next, put a long-sleeve T-shirt on the counter (with the opening of the tee facing you). Gently tilt your head forward and rest your head above the T-shirt and "plop" the wet curls on top (layer long strands like an accordion). Then, pull the sleeves around the nape of your neck, tucking the bottom of the tee underneath the flaps. Flip up carefully and criss-cross the sleeves at the front of your neck. Wrap tight enough for the tee to stay on your head (but not so tight it crushes your curls). Leave for 15 to 45 minutes, then unwrap. Let your strands air-dry and off you go!


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by Lisa DeSantis | 6/30/2024