The cutest hairstyles for Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, it's time to sprinkle a little extra love into your style. Whether you're planning a romantic date night or a cozy Galentine's sleepover with your gals, you'll want to slay the style game. And what better way to start than with a fab hairstyle? From braids to curls, we've got something for everyone (plus the scoop on some styling essentials!).

The French Braid


Chic, classic and timeless, the French braid exudes romance and allure.

Begin by parting the top section of your hair (what you'd normally use for a half-up half-down pony) into three sections. As you braid, slowly begin to add hair from the sides of your head to each section. Keep it loose for a soft, romantic touch before tying off the end with an elastic.

For an extra protective layer, seal the deal with a dab of hair oil (we heart the Nexxus Repair & Nourish Ultralightweight Hair Oil, $15, to nourish your hair and boost shine. 

Nexxus Repair & Nourish Ultralightweight Hair Oil, $15 

The Updo


Sophisticated, elegant and tasteful, an updo embodies the spirit of a graceful messy bun.

Gather your hair past the middle of your head into a ponytail. Twist your hair upwards and tie with an elastic, then add a decorative hair pin or a dab of hair glitter on top of your scalp. Pull a few shorter strands down towards the front of your face for framing. Protect your style from frizz with a spray of Moroccan Oil Frizz Shield Spray, $30, for a glass-like shine. 

Moroccan Oil Frizz Shield Spray, $30

The Double Braid Ponytails


Twisty, unique and spirited, high-braided ponytails are a lively take on the double plait.

Divide your hair into two high ponytails before securing each with a clear elastic. Braid each ponytail and tie off the ends. For a playful twist, tie off the tops and bottoms of each ponytail with a red or pink ribbon.

Keep those braids in place along with any flyaways with a touch of styling cream (we heart PATTERN Styling Cream, $28). Dab a bit along your hairline as well as on the tips of each braid for added shine and control. So cute!

PATTERN Styling Cream, $28

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by By Megha Gupta | 2/8/2024