Host the perfect BFF vision board party

Time to round up your old magazines and call over your crew, because vision board party is the perfect way to start off 2024. 

While vision board-making can be done solo, it is a fabulous way to bond with your besties and learn about the good vibes they want to bring into the new year. So grab your glue sticks, because you'll want to stick around for these tips and tricks. 

Get inspired 

Before you start collaging, take a minute to think about what you want your year to look like. Do you want to learn how to play an instrument or skateboard? Is there a new food trend you've been dying to try? What Taylor Swift era are you entering this year?

Collect your materials 


Here's some good news: A vision board party is the perfect low-budget hangout because most of the materials you need you can find around your home.

Collect old magazines and newspapers, plus some washi tape and stickers. You can also hook up your phone to a portable printer for instant pics. For the base of your vision board, use poster paper or just the leftover cardboard from your last online shopping splurge. Don't forget the scissors!

Once you have your essentials, grab all the extra art supplies you have so you can customize your vision board even further: paint, markers, Polaroid photos, glitter glue, you know the drill.

Don't forget the snacks 


No party is complete without some fun and easy finger foods. Survey your friends about what snacks are essential for a perfect craft night. (We suggest keeping it simple since your hands may or may not be covered in sequins.)

To embrace the winter months, might we suggest a hot chocolate charcuterie board

Start creating

Once you've checked off everything in this guide, all that's left to do is to start on your masterpiece. Skim through magazines or Pinterest and cut or print out anything that catches your fancy. Fashion inspo, places you want to go, hobbies you want to pick up and fab quotes and affirmations are all fair game!

Oh, and once everyone is done with their boards, have a show-and-tell sesh. Explain what you want your year to look like and how your board represents that vision. So inspiring, right?

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Top image: @mayridts
Slider image: @kristine_harveycalifornia


by Alex Marek | 1/26/2024