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What to watch this Valentine's Day, no matter your relationship status

Not sure what to watch? We'll take it from here. 

Ah, Valentine's Day: Whether you're head over heels or slaying your single era, these TV and movie recs will have you feeling the love. 

The sitch: You and your younger sis are looking for something that leaves you feeling warm 'n' fuzzy.
The stream: Tangled (Disney+) • This 2010 film is truly magical—and its singalong-ability makes it a top contender for the ultimate Disney comfort movie. With its star-studded cast and enemies-to-lovers arc, Tangled is the adorable adventure you didn't know you needed. (Because, honestly? Flynn Rider *stays* our fictional crush.)

The sitch: You and your girls need a tried-and-true throwback for your Saturday night slumber party.
The stream: Another Cinderella Story (Prime Video) • Yes, you know and love the OG flick starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray...but this sequel-slash-standalone is equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. Let's be real, the amaze choreography (and laugh-out-loud banter between Mary and her stepmom) will have your full attention from the opening credits.

The sitch: The captain of the crew team just asked you to the formal, but you've got heart eyes for your lab partner.
The stream: Never Have I Ever (Netflix) • You already know that this Netflix original lives at the top of our queue—and with season four coming later this year, we're doubling down on just how fresh this spectacular series really is. Plus, can we ever really get enough of the Devi-Paxton-Ben love triangle? Nope. 

The sitch: It's your first real relationship, but you're starting to question if you met the right person at the wrong time.
The stream: Love, Rosie (Paramount+) (Prime Video) • Following the lives of high school BFFs Rosie and Alex, this rom-com is full of sweet surprises and misty-eyed montages. We won't spoil the ending, but Love, Rosie is kind of the best slow-burn romance movie out there. Will there be tears? Potentially. Will they be worth it? One hundred percent.

The sitch: Your bestie just got her heart broken, so you're in major friendship mode.
The stream: Lizzie McGuire (Disney+) • Y2K fashion on full display? Totally relatable (and ridiculously funny) family antics in every episode? Check and check. Lizzie McGuire makes for the best-ever BFF binge-athon because, while you might be rooting for underdog Gorgo, the real star of the show is Lizzie and Miranda's ride-or-die relationship.

The sitch: You've got a dinner date slated for Saturday and a bad case of the butterflies.
The stream: The Princess Bride (Disney+) • Sure, most of us can endlessly quote this enduring classic, but we're here to tell you a rewatch is in order ASAP. Buttercup and Westley have had our hearts since day one, and their journey to take down Prince Humperdinck is the perfect dose of dramedy to steel unsteady nerves. Ready to revisit? As you wish.

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by Lena Genovese | 2/4/2023