The Cost of Being "Cool"

I met this really popular girl at day camp, and she asked me and my two buds to be in her group. We accepted, but then she decided she didn’t like my friends and kicked them out of the group.
I want to stay friends with the popular kids but don’t want to lose my true friends. Help!

Imagine this: You ditch your old pals to hang with the “popular” group. Then, two weeks later, your new “friend” decides she doesn’t like you either so you’re dissed by the “in” crowd. You’ve lost two true friends, so now what? Anyone who invites people to be friends one minute and kicks them to the curb the next isn’t a genuine friend.

Do you want to be associated with someone you can fall in and out of grace with so quickly? If you won’t give up the “in” crowd, let this girl know that you intend to continue spending time with your old buds. If she’s cool with that, OK. But if she’s only concerned with power and popularity, you and your real friends are much, much better off without her.

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6/4/2009 7:00:00 AM