The perfect last-minute gift for your teachers (or any of the other awesome adults in your life)


We've all been there. You kept meaning to pick up a gift for all of your favorite teachers, your band director and your sweet elderly neighbor...but all of a sudden, Christmas is less than a week away and your wallet is empty.

Don't freak out! This easy DIY is absolutely adorable and basically free to make—and we promise they'll love it. Check it out.


What you'll need:

Lightbullbs (burnt-out or new)

Orange, black and white paint (preferably puffy paint)

Small twigs


White or silver glitter

Hot glue 

What to do:

1. Paint the whole light bulb white, then sprinkle glitter over bulb. Let dry.

2. Paint on eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.

3. Use orange puffy paint to draw the nose

4. Hot glue twigs to the sides of the bulb. Let dry.

5. Hot glue twine to the back of the bulb. Let dry.

Now get gifting!

Craft/image source 

What are you getting all the awesome adults in your life this year? What's your favorite DIY gift to give? Let us know below!  


by Christina Mattera | 2/1/2016