GL's 20 best-ever beauty tips and tricks


Over the last 20 years, we’ve learned a thing (or 20) about beauty. Turns out that makeup really isn’t that mystifying, and hair curling doesn’t have to be that hard. We’re here to share our acquired knowledge with GL girls everywhere. Read on for our 20 best beauty tips and tricks.


  • 1_sephora_collection_nano_eyeliner_in_midnight_black.jpg

    Learn the laws of liner

    The thought of putting a pencil near your peepers can seem perilous, but lining isn’t as hard as it looks. Prop your elbow on a hard surface (like a table or bathroom counter), then, starting from the inner corner of your upper lid, draw small dash marks along the lash line, connecting them as you go. Let your liner get wider as you get to the outer corner of your eye for added effect. 

    Sephora Collection Nano Eyeliner in Midnight Black, $5,


  • 2_sephora_collection_uptown_to_downtown_smoky.jpeg

    Perfect the slightlly smokey eye

    Get nighttime drama in a second. Dab concealer over your entire lid. Then apply a little black shadow on outside corners, along the lash line. A nude gloss and a coat of mascara finish off this fashion-y vibe.

    Sephora Collection Uptown to Downtown Smoky, $25,

  • 3__ulta_palladio_brow_pencil.jpg

    Barely manicured brows

    “Work with your eyebrow shape, not against it,” says, makeup pro Sushma Patel. Use sharp tweezers to snag stray strands, but leave the rest alone. To play up skinny arches, fill in sparse spots with a brown pencil.

    Palladio Brow Pencil, $6,

  • 4_ponytail.jpg

    Master the everyday pony

    A ponytail at the nape of your neck is perf for literally every occasion. “Working with your natural texture will optimize the condition and manageability of your hair,” says celeb stylist Peter Gray. Use a comb to create a side part. Gather your locks into a low pony and secure it with an elastic or barrette. Done!


  • 5_benefit_posietint.jpg

    Try sheer genius lips

    A soft peach or plum pucker is infinitely wearable, “You don’t have to apply too much color, but it really adds a bit of life,” Noelle weighs in. Keep one of these go- anywhere glosses in your bag.

    Benefit Posietint, $30,

  • 6_karuna_hydrating+_face_mask.jpg

    Nix dryness

    Turn down the temp on hot showers and skip cleanser in the mornings if you washed your face before bed. Steer clear of products that contain alcohol, which’ll just dry you out, and instead use a nourishing moisturizer or facial oil. We recommend a hydrating mask weekly to replenish lost moisture. Sipping plenty of water also will help.


    Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask, $28,

  • 7_clear_start_breakout_clearing_all_over_toner.jpg

    Fix oily skin, stat

    To clear things up, make sure you’re lathering with a “soap- and fragrance-free, anti-bacterial cleansing wash.” To keep greasies at bay, spritz on an alcohol-free toner and apply a moisturizer with SPF. Use spot treatments in the morning and before bed. If your skin doesn’t start to improve after a few weeks, check in with a derm.


    Clear Start Breakout Clearing All Over Toner, $19,


  • 8_straightner.jpg
    Avoid burnt strands

    It’s time to turn down the temp, “Your flat iron could be burning your hair,” spills celeb stylist Kim Kimble. “Use a lower heat setting. If you have an iron that has temperature options, set it to 400 to 425 degrees.” Keep cool and carry on, girl.

  • 9_sephora_nano_collection_eyeliner.jpg

    Lighten up for date night

    Soft, ‘70s-inspired makeup looks naturally pretty for date nights, “Steer clear of anything too heavy, like black liner or an over-the-top lipstick,” says celeb beauty guru Napoleon Perdis. Prep skin with moisturizer. Rim lids with gold liner. Then, dust on shimmering beige shadow and two coats of mascara. Sweep a rosy bronzer along your cheeks and apply a pale pink gloss.


    Sephora Collection Nano Eyeliner in Golden Sands, $5,

  • 10_bareminerals_matte_foundation_broad_spectrum_spf_15.jpg

    Go mineral

    Oil is out! Switch to mineral-based foundations and powders and toss any products that list oil as an ingredient. “Oil-based makeup can increase the chances of a breakout,” says Dr. Gold. In addition to oil-free, seek out products labeled non-comedogenic and non-acneagenic to keep skin clear. 

    bareMinerals Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15, $27,

  • 11_physician’s_formla_baked_bronzer_wet-dry.jpg

    Get a glamorous glow sans sun

    Get a shot of just-stepped-off-the-shore color by highlighting your cheeks with golden hues. A hint of bronzer looks lovely any time of year.

    Physician’s Formla Baked Bronzer Wet-Dry, $12,

  • 12_summer_frizz.jpg

    Fight frizz in the shower

    Switching to an intense moisturizing shampoo and conditioner should help, but rinsing with cold water will help lock the hair’s cuticle, leaving strands smoother.


  • 13_maybelline_eyelash_curler.jpg

    Snag never-ending lashes
    Gently heat up an eyelash curler with your blow-dryer and curl your fringe. Apply mascara on the top of lashes and then the bottom to coat both sides,” says e.l.f. pro makeup artist Achelle Dunaway. Working in a zigzag motion ups the effort.

    Maybelline Eyelash Curler, $6,

  • 14_e.l.f._essential_all_over_color_stick.jpg

    Get matchy

    The key to matching your cheeks with your pout? Try an all-over stick in a flattering hue, like peach. Keep the rest of your face bare.


    e.l.f. Essential All Over Color Stick, $1,

  • 15_urban_decay_eyeshadow_primer_potion_tube.jpg

    Don't skip the primer

    Super hot temps can lead to runaway shadow in an instant. Avoid zebra creases on your lids by prepping ‘em with primer and then sweeping on shadow. Toodles, messy makeup.


    BAN DECAY Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube, $12,

  • 16_opi_nail_polish_drip_dry_drops.jpg

    Land chip-free nails

    Simply apply a thin coat of base and two layers of polish. Don’t forget to wait between coats, and finish it off with a sealant. Let your mani airdry for at least 30 minutes. Feelin’ antsy? A couple dabs of dry drops speeds up the process, or you can dunk your paws in a bowl of ice water.


    OPI Nail Polish Drip Dry Drops, $16,

  • 17_e.l.f._essential_smudge_pot.jpg

    Nail metallic shadow

    Creamy copper shadow is pretty, effortless and looks natural. Apply at the lash line with your pinkie, then blend up and out for a gorge finish.


    e.l.f. Essential Smudge Pot, $3,

  • 18_benefit_high_beam.jpg

    Look totally radiant

    A creamy highlighting stick creates radiance in a flash. Blend a smudge on the tops of cheekbones and above brows to perk up pale skin.

    Benefit Cosmetics High Beam, $26,

  • 19_boots_no7_beautiful_skin_radiance_exfoliator.jpg

    Always exfoliate

    Buffing off dead skin cells keeps your face from lookin’ dull and prevents clogged pores. Pass by super gritty formulas and wash once a week with a mild exfoliator.

    Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator, $10,

  • 20_sephora_collection_colorful_eyeshadow.jpg

    Dare to be bold

    Bright and bold shadows can be truly wearable. How? Keep lips neutral and simply apply a sheer wash of a bright shade across your lids. Avoid major blush when lids are played up. All-over color is a bit bonkers. Mascara, however is a must.


    Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow – Shimmer, $13,

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by GL | 2/1/2016