10 celebs we want in our spring dance posse

We heart spring fling! And dreaming about who we’d spend the night with makes it even more fun. Like, could you imagine if we showed up to the decked-out gym with some of Hollywood’s hottest in tow? Read on for out wishlist of celebs we’d want tagging along for every part of the big night.


Which celebs would you want in your spring fling posse? Share in the comments below.
  • 1ashleybenson.jpg

    Shop till you drop with…Ashley Benson

    From modeling designer dresses to picking out bold jewelry at Forever21, Ashley hearts anything shopping. This fashion-forward actress would be the perfect girl to help pick out your spring fling look. Hey, maybe she’d even let us snoop through her walk-in closet for accessories.

  • 2katemiddleton.jpg
    Do your hair and makeup with…Kate Middleton

    This royal beauty would be the perfect girl to fix your makeup just the way you want. Did you know she even did her own makeup for the Royal Wedding? Kate would style your hair with just the right amount of class and glam, and her subtle makeup tricks would have your crush swooning. 

  • 3taylorlautner.jpg
    Get a ride with…Taylor Lautner

    Um, who wouldn’t want to pull up in one of his four fab cars? While we heart his vintage BMW, you might like to ride in his silver Mercedes, retro Audi, or sleek Porsche. So many choices, we know! And it doesn’t hurt that he’s super cute.

  • 4harry.jpg
    Walk in with…Harry Styles

    This singer only has one direction and it’s straight to the dance floor. Strolling into a dance can be awkward, but not if you have Harry by your side. He’d make you feel comfortable and give star quality to your already sparkly look. Stylin’ Styles would make all the girls jealous…and your crush would be working the whole night to steal you away!

  • 5jennifer.jpg
    Stop at the snack table with…Jennifer Lawrence

    Dancing all night can make you hungry, but who wants to snack in the corner alone? We’d bring JLaw. She admits how hungry she gets at every event and can’t stop thinking about food. LOL. The dance floor was sooo five minutes ago—the snacks are where it’s at, girls.

  • 6taylorswift.jpg
    Gossip about your crush with…Taylor Swift

    Spot him dancing with another girl? We’d want to vent about it with Swifty. This sensitive singer knows all about heartbreak and would cheer you up with one of her fast-paced songs. She knew he was trouble when he walked in and she’d help you deal with the sadness when he walks out. Yep, this country star would have any girl’s back.

  • 7justin.jpg
    Hit the dance floor with…Justin Bieber

    Don’t let those dance floor jitters jolt ya. Grooving with the Biebs would have you on your feet all night long. And, trust us, you’ll never get tired of looking into those deep brown eyes. But don’t get too close—you don’t want to catch Bieber Fever (...or do you?)

  • 8kristenstewart.jpg
    Relax on the sidelines with…Kristen Stewart

    Need a gal pal to sit with you while you catch a breath? Kristen would be perfect for the job. This chill actress is down for anything, and she’d be happy to take 5 for a friend. Plus, it would be a good opportunity to ask about Rob. We’re dying to know if there are wedding bells in their future!

  • 9emma.jpg

    Fix your makeup in the bathroom with…Emma Watson

    While Harmione Granger may seem like a frizzy mess, Emma Watson is quite the opposite. This put-together perfectionist is the best girl to tag along for a bathroom break. She’ll help fix your blush and have you back on the dance floor in no time.

  • 10victoria.jpg
    Jam out at the after party with…Victoria Justice

    This party animal is super fun (trust us, GL’s hung out with her before) so after the dance, she’d be energized and ready for round two. Silly dancing and singing are her specialty and we’d love to challenge her to a round of Guitar Hero. Game on!

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by Yael Frischling | 2/1/2016