Fun ways to stay active this fall

Summer is coming to an end, but the fun doesn’t have to! Don’t let the mild weather turn you into a couch potato. Get up and get active with your BFF this fall with these fun and festive cool-weather ideas.


Walk it out

The leaves are changing from green to red and gold, so get outside and enjoy it! Go for a walk in the park and keep an eye out for changing colors. Make it your fall mission to visit every near-by park, look up some local trails or just take a long stroll around the neighborhood.  You’ll enjoy the relaxing time with your bestie while strutting your legs and booty into shape. The more you walk, the more calories you’ll burn.

Get costume ready

Our favorite costumed holiday is just around the corner. Search each other’s closets and hit the local thrift stores for DIY Halloween costume ideas. Ask your parents for old clothes, costume jewelry, hats or sunglasses that they’ll let you borrow. You’ll burn about 150 calories for every hour of digging through drawers, sifting through closets and trying on clothes. Plus, You’re bound to find something fantastically spooky or vintage chic.

Water, water everywhere

Bummed that your pool days are coming to an end? When the weather cools down, trade the bathing suits for lifejackets and go paddle boating. You and your BFF will have tons of fun in the water and really feel the burn doing this high-energy leg workout.

Pumpkin huntin’

Get to the pumpkin patch and search for the perfect or most imperfect pumpkin! You’ll work those arms lifting and carrying your faves back home. Turn it into a pumpkin-picking race and give your legs a cross-country (or should we say cross-farm) workout by dashing up and down the aisles with your bestie. Getting hungry? Grab some seasonings and spices and Have a pumpkin seed cook-off – healthy and delish.

Mazes of fun

Test your navigational instincts while you search your way out of sky-high corn. You’ll need a map, a compass and your most comfortable shoes. A local corn maze is a fab way to get some fall fresh air with your buds while getting a great cardio and leg-toning workout. Find your way out together or turn it into a competition.  Don’t forget plenty of water and bug spray.

Make like a tree
Think you’re too old for leaf piles? Think again! Raking is an awesome way to tone your arms. Put on some gloves, grab some rakes and make the biggest pile on the block. What’s next? Jumping in, of course!
Fall means football, and it’s not just for watching. Toss the ball around one-on-one with your BFF or recruit other friends and family members for a Super Bowl-worthy game of touch football.  You’ll be so into the competition, you’ll forget you’re getting a full-body workout. Go team!

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by Lauren Izquierdo | 2/1/2016