6 ideas for a fab Valentine's Day

So Valentine’s Day this year? Yeah, it’s on the worst day ever. Monday. Who wants to go out on a Monday? More to the point, whose ‘rents are gonna let them make a school night date night? If yours aren’t so keen…or you’re just not feelin’ the whole dress-up for a romantic night out thing after a long day at school, we’ve got some ideas that’ll make your V-day rock.


Chat up the ‘rents

First thing’s first: Since your parents set the rules, you’re gonna have to clear your Valentine’s Day plans with them before you start scheming. If they won’t let you go out for dinner and a movie, see if you can strike a compromise. Pizza after school? Hot chocolate at a local coffee shop? Hangin’ at home watching movies?


Finish your HW early

Nothing will bring ya the V-Day blues like a pile of homework when all you really wanna do is cuddle up with your cutie…or at the very least, watch rom-coms and eat chocolate all afternoon long. Spend some time over the weekend working on projects, studying for tests and reading ahead for your classes so come Monday, you can kick back and relax. Bonus: The ‘rents will be much more willing to let ya have some fun on V-Day if you show them your homework is all done in advance.


Stay after school

If you’re allowed to hang out after school unsupervised, get a huge group together of guys and girls and play some games. Dodgeball, kickball, capture the flag—we love ‘em all. We bet if you chatted up an understanding teacher and pitched it as a safe and fun alternative to other V-Day plans, you could prob. get someone to stay after with ya. Head to a park or community center, otherwise.


Skype date

Can’t get together in the evening? Give him a gift box of goodies at school—hot chocolate mix, brownie, etc.—along with a note telling him when to Skype video chat you. Make a matching mug of cocoa, heat up your brownie and sip together online. You can get face-time in without disrespecting your parents’ decision to keep ya home.


Gather the gang

Make plans to have your besties come home on the bus with you—with the necessary notes and permission, of course—and plan a girls’ afternoon. A 4 p.m. tea party with delish chocolate goodies and sweet drinks or non-alcoholic cocktails followed by a truth or dare sesh or a movie marathon will keep ya giggling ‘til sundown.


Make the most of stayin’ home

Your parents have decided to keep ya home this fateful Monday evening. Instead of sulking, do your best to have a blast. Whether it’s pulling out the board games you loved when you were younger, chatting on the phone for ages with your faves, spilling your crush secrets to your mom or sibs or bakin’ up a storm, we bet there are bunches you can do to celebrate the day.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016