Family Feuds with Friends

I was at a party and one girl was being rude to me so I told her to shut up. She got mad and told me I was stupid. I was mad so I just left to hang with my other friends.

The next day I saw this girl and her family. I heard her mom say something to the older sister. Her sister got out the car and screamed that I need to stop threatening her sister. I realized she told her family I threaten her when I didn't.

Is there something I can do to get back at this girl? And how do I correct my reputation with these adults?

Hey girl!

Mean girls are no fun at all. Being picked on is one of the worst feelings you can experience. But hopefully you can mend this relationship and at least be cool with one another. You don’t have to be friends.

Be the Bigger Person
I know when people are mean you just want to get right back at them and show them who’s boss. But the truth is, you shouldn’t. You really are the bigger person by not bothering with her at all. If she tries to fight with you again, don’t even bother. Just straight up tell her you don’t want to fight. If she’s just gonna be rude, there’s no reason to even waste your energy battling it out.

Fixing Relationships
If this girl is never around you, and you don’t run into the parents a lot, I don’t really think you need to go out of your way to make things better. If she was a close friend, and you know her parents personally…you could always send a note or card explaining it was just a misunderstanding. I know it’s difficult to know how to react in situations like this, but some times you just have to let it be. After a short while, things will cool down and this will just be a distant bad memory to forget.

So just to rap up, I think it’s up to you to decide if she’s worth your time or not. If she wants to be your friend, try your hardest to make amends and start off with a simple sorry for telling her to shut up. And moving forward, make it clear that you would really appreciate it if you two could work out your tiffs without getting each others’ families involved in your tiffs.

Good luck, girl!

xoxo, Lauren R.
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3/31/2010 2:12:00 PM