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How to honor someone this Memorial Day


While you may be so excited for Memorial Day because of the extra day off, let's not forget the true meaning of today's holiday: to honor those who have passed away while serving in the United States armed forces. Instead of lounging around all day, this year try giving back.


The Wounded Warrior Project and Treats For The Troops are two great charities. You can make monetary donations to both, or you could organize a drive at your school to raise awareness and support.


Visit a veteran center to volunteer. It can be as simple as reading to vets or just spending time with them. If you know a family who has lost someone, this might be a tough day for them. Bring them a meal or dessert to make their lives easier and show you care.


Honor those who have passed by visiting a graveyard or memorial and laying flowers down. If you have lost someone close to you, gather memories and stories about them from close friends and family. Another way to honor their memory is to spend the day doing some of their favorite activities.

How are you going to give back this year? Tell us below!


by Maria Graham | 5/30/2016