11 random (but cute) convo starters to text your crush

Trying to figure out what to text your crush can be super frustrating. When you're trying to start the convo, it can feel downright impossible to find the right combo of words to put into a message without sounding awkward. If you're struggling to come up with cute ways to get to know bae, don't worry—GL's got you covered. Here are 11 starter texts that are *sure* to spark a convo.

1. Hey, how was your weekend?

Asking your crush how their weekend was is a great way to show that you're interested. Plus, hearing about their plans is an easy way to learn more about what they enjoy and how they like to spend their time. Just by asking this simple question, they'll *know* you truly care about what they're into. 

2.  I just finished the third season of ______. Have you seen it?

If you're stressing about what to text, ask them about a TV show you're currently obsessing over. Maybe they're also watching that same show, or maybe they've been looking for something new to watch. Either way, talking TV and movies is a super chill way to get to know your crush. 

 3. This song is def your vibe, check it out.

Who doesn't love new music? Next time you're listening to something you think they'll like, shoot them a link to the song so they can check it out for themselves. Before you know it, you and bae will be comparing playlists and top artists. Sharing a song is a sweet gesture that goes a long way. 

4. Look at this TikTok I found.

Let's be real—*everybody* is on TikTok. So, why not send your crush that funny vid that popped up on your FYP? Whether it's a cute animal vid or a hysterical viral trend, you'll make their day by sending them something you think they'll like. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and share something random. They'll def appreciate the gesture. 

5. Did you understand that math question today? 

If you and your crush have a class together, asking a simple homework question can be a great way to get the convo going. Ask them for help with a tricky math question, or see if they understand the essay prompt for next week's history test. Talking about school can be a natural way to start the conversation if you're not sure what to say. 

6. Hey, what are you listening to right now? 

Music can be one of the easiest ways to connect with a new person, especially if you share similar taste! Spice up your convo by asking what their monthly playlist has or if they had to pick a favorite album what would it be? Something as simple as you both listening to the same artist could lead to the perfect first date, heading to your fave artist's concert together. 

7. Have you watched this amaze YouTuber?

Our fave influencers and artists can say a lot about who we are as people, so a great way to get to know your crush is to ask who they're currently watching. This could be a great convo starter if you're trying to learn more about their hobbies and interests or just curious about how they spend their free time. Whether it's the latest funny cat video or Cody Ko video, this is a super easy way to figure out what you have in common. 

8. Would you want to study together sometime?

If you're already in the same class as your crush, studying could be the perfect excuse to get to know each other outside of school. Whether you're studying for a physics exam or have a group project together, working together might spark a deeper conversation about your academic interests and goals. You could invite them to study at a cute coffee shop or simply at the library after school.

9. Hi, what are you currently reading? 

If you're anything like us, you could seriously ramble about books all day. If you're an avid reader and think your crush might be too, try asking them about their latest reads or what genres they're interested in. If you catch them reading at the library, you could text them asking what they were reading the other day or what their fave book is. 

10. Are you obsessed with _____ right now? 

Even though it can sometimes be hard to find something in common, there always has to be something. Whether it's your fave tv show, movie or music, this can be the perfect start to a forever bond. If you're both watching the newest season of your fave show, maybe set up a watch party together when the next episode airs. 

11. Are you going to the fundraiser next week?

See what's happening at school and ask your crush if they're going to any upcoming events. This is the perf opportunity to see what extracurriculars they're involved in, *and* it's an easy way to hang out together in a casual setting. Put yourself out there and see where the convo takes you! 

We know it can be super hard to take that first step and start a convo with your crush, but with these simple convo starters, we hope you're feeling totally confident. Getting the conversation rolling *could* be the start to a new relationship, so just go for it and see where the convo takes you! 

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Slider: @natalielewis


by Jasmine Robinson and Lena Genovese | 11/19/2023