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6 fall reads inspired by your favorite artists

Can't find any books that catch your eye lately? We've all been there––but lucky for you, there's always a way to get back on your feet when it comes to reading. Now's the perfect time to find your next read, and we've curated the best picks based on your fave artists.

Olivia Rodrigo

The Do-Over, $12

With the release of her amazing sophomore album GUTS, Olivia has solidified her place as our fave alt-pop girl. Her music and style is full of angst. emotion and '90s influences. A common theme across Olivia's discography is love and heartbreak, both topics covered within the YA rom-com The Do-Over by Lynn Painter. Trapped in a Groundhog's Day-like scenario in which she is forced to relive Valentine's Day on an endless loop, Emilie keeps running into heartbreak––and her ex––again and again. Emilie doesn't want to get him back, however, and when she meets Nick, who seems promising, she realizes this bizarre occurrence might be a chance for her to start over. This story is heartwarming and cute, but we must warn you, this book may give you deja vu

Taylor Swift

In a New York Minute, $12

Our favorite blondie is always at the top of the charts and the top of her game. With the release of 1989 (Taylor's Version), our fave tracks are on replay again, including "WElcome to New York." In that same spirit, this New York romance will give you all of those 1989 (TV) vibes. In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer combines an unforgettable meet-cute with the *best* use of the opposites-attract trope. All of this makes for the perfect recipe for a love story set in the city. 

Sabrina Carpenter

crush stuff., $6

From breakup anthems to dreamy love ballads, Sabrina Carpenter has a song for every occasion. crush stuff. by Lisi Harrison explores all of these themes of crushes, love and heartbreak through the characters of Ruthie, Drew and Fonda. The girl group has a lot to discover as they navigate the world of seventh grade—and all the crush drama can get *pretty* messy. This novel is great for middle-grade readers looking for a relatable and hilarious read. 


The Rest of Us Just Live Here, $12

SZA gave us one of our fave albums of 2022 with SOS. She seems to speak to *exactly* how we feel and has some sort of weird ability to read our minds through her music. The book The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness explores the contrast between what we view as ordinary vs. extraordinary in a witty and quirky story where the protagonist must graduate high school...while going through an apocalypse. Sounds like quite the adventure!

Justin Bieber

Float, $10

Whenever we listen to Justin's music, it's sure to put us in a good mood. No matter what the vibe of the day is, Justin's signature vocals and upbeat pop melodies put a smile on our faces. If you're looking for a cute and good-spirited read, Float by Kate Marchant is all of that and more. It's a summer romance with our fave rom-com tropes and lovable characters. What more could we ask for?

Lewis Capaldi

Things We Know By Heart, $12

Listening to a Lewis Capaldi song is almost a guarantee that you are going to cry. His poignant lyrics and vulnerable tone captivate us, making it easy to feel his pain. Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby gives us all those same feels. And if you're the type of person who loves a good crying session, this story is perfect for you. 

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by Mina Rahmat | 11/18/2023