5 ways to stay awake in class

I'm pretty sure we've all dozed off in class a couple of times. It's hard not to, especially if the subject matter is boring, you stayed up late studying the night before or simply didn't go to bed on time. It's important to quickly snap out of this habit, as it could negatively affect your grades and get you in trouble with the teacher—tbh, detention does not sound fun! Luckily, there are a bunch ways to stay awake in class (besides going to bed on time, ofc).

Stay hydrated

Do you know what happens to a car if it doesn't have gas? It stops working. Likewise, our bodies act the same way—we need fuel...aka water. Water is a *very*  important part of everyone's lives. Next time you feel yourself dozing off in class, drink some water, because you're probably dehydrated.

Move around

If you're struggling to keep your eyes open, get up and move around. We don't actually mean to make a distraction in class, but instead, ask the teacher permission to use the bathroom or take a sip from the water fountain. Moving around will awaken your sleepiness and get some energy flowing through your body. 

Be an active student

Sitting at the front of the class and being an active student will keep your senses engaged. Whether it's taking notes or constantly raising your hand and answering questions, it's hard to fall asleep with a busy mind. It's also hard to doze off knowing that the teacher might call on you. 

Eat a mint

We know it sounds silly, but it's proven that the icy cool flavor of mints stimulates your brain and improves alertness. Next time you head to class, make sure you have a bunch of these goodies handy. Goodbye to dozing off in class, hello to fresh breath and staying awake! 

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by Nadia Payne | 11/30/2022