6 dorm room essentials you need this fall


It's that time again: Time to shop for those absolute dorm necessities. Starting school is already stressful enough, so dorm shopping should be the fun part! We've compiled a list of 6 items that you'll need to order ASAP to keep your new college life as peaceful (and pretty) as possible. 

1. Dry Erase Calendar

Amazon, $16

Planning, planning and more planning is the only way to survive college. Start a Google Calendar to schedule out things further in the future and use a dry-erase calendar for things coming up soon (homework assignments, tests, etc.). At the beginning of each month, write out your schedule on your calendar and add to it as needed. By the end of the semester, this calendar will be your bestie!

2. Desk Supplies Organizer

Dormify, $39

Late nights at your desk doing homework can be the absolute worst when you have nothing to keep your stuff organized. Constantly looking for a pencil or trying to remember where you put that highlighter is no fun, but getting a desk organizer eliminates that nighttime stress. This organizer from Dormify has three compartments for all your desk necessities. 

3. Brita or Water Filter

Amazon, $28

Let's be honest: One downside of living in a communal space is sharing unfiltered water with everyone else on the floor. Having a Brita pitcher (or even a filtered bottle) guarantees clean water every time.

4. Mini Vacuum

Amazon, $38

Who doesn't love eating chips during a late-night movie marathon? A mini vacuum to suck up those pesky crumbs is perfect for your next quick clean-up sesh.

5. Throw Blanket

 Dormify, $59

POV: You're wrapped up under your comforter, but you still just aren't super comfy. Having a plush throw blanket on-hand guarantees a cuddly companion for every rainy day reading sesh, *and* it looks ah-dorable on your bed.

6. Wall Decor


When you walk into your dorm you want to feel *all* the vibes. Fill up your walls with neon signs, album covers, posters, a collage...anything to make your room feel more like home.

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Slider image @dormify via Instagram


by Taylor Hancock | 8/15/2022