Do you wanna snag your dream job?

Calling all budding career babes! Got your eye on a profession you'd love to have when you grow up? Got some time this summer? GL's got the deets and tips on how to snag gotta-know dream jobs! 
Getting Started
Ask your 'rents, neighbors or relatives if they, or anyone they know, need help this summer. And if you're volunteering with someone your ‘rents don't know, ask them to meet with your supervisor so they’ll get a better idea of what you'll be doing and who you'll be working with. Libraries are a great place to look for flyers and info on what's going on in the community, too! 
Once you've found what you want to do, offer your services for a day or two a week to get to know the profession. Depending on your age and state laws you might not be able to get paid so think of it as volunteering for your community.

Do something you're interested in. If it's just a boring filing job, you'll prob lose interest really soon. The experience, if nothing else, will be enough compensation! It's perfect to add on high school and college applications and will be super useful when you're looking for internships later on in life. Because you've got the basics, you'll be ready to start on a more advanced level way above your peers! 
I wanna be a Veterinarian... Check with any local doggy docs and see if they need a summer intern to help around the offices. You can even offer to be a dog walker or pooper-scooper. The vet might even let you sit in on examinations and explain how things work. Plus, seeing how a day-in-the-life of a vet really is will give you a better idea about what the job’s all about.

Perfect for: Animal lovers
Not for: Girls who don’t have the stomach for needles, blood and, er, other gross stuff
I wanna be a Magazine Editor... Check with local newspapers or magazines and see if they need any help. You might be stuck organizing the archives, but you'll be able to see how the paper or mag runs. Plus, you'll create long-lasting relationships with editors. Networking is perfect for college internships, which ultimately help ya land a job. Who knows, maybe one day your work will be featured in GL?! 
Perfect for: Creative cookies
Not for: Girls who don’t like working under pressure 
I wanna be an Actress... Many cities and schools host arts camps that are perfect for the performing arts chica. If your 'rents aren't into the idea or there are no camps available, check and see if your town offers kid's theaters. These offer classes that end in a big-show production. Again, a great resume-booster! Plus, you'll get more experience being on stage, which is def helpful when you're trying out for your next audition. 
Perfect for: Drama-lovin’ divas
Not for: Girls who shy away from the spotlight

I wanna get into politics... This one is a little tricky since politics is well, politics! Politicians might be reluctant to take on a summer intern who is not already in college. But you can ask your local congressman what, if any, help he or she can use. Maybe they'd even let you hand out the candy and pass out flyers in your town's Fourth of July parade.

If this isn't an option, don't worry, there’s still hope!  Get involved! In any way you can. Have a strong passion for saving the environment, animal cruelty or children with cancer? Start a petition or write your congressman a letter. Even doing volunteer work, like picking up trash or organizing a community yard sale for charity is perfect!

Perfect for: Go-getters with a big heart
Not for: Girls who are mortified by public speaking

-Katie Shutt


by GL | 2/1/2016