The best ways to deal with anger (that actually work)

Bad days happen. And you've heard the typical cool-down techniques for when you're stressed, angry or upset: bubble baths, coloring, yoga or even deep breathing. But sometimes, blowing off steam needs to be a little more, well, intense. Maybe you're not the calmest of girls, or maybe you have a lot of energy, or maybe you just want to try something new. Whatever your reason, we have the tips for you to get out your frustrations in a high energy, dynamic way. 

1. Push yourself at the gym.
Yoga and deep breathing work for some girls, but sometimes, you need a high-intensity sweat sesh to feel better. Whether you're a cardio junkie or a seasoned pro in the weight room, on a day when you're super stressed or in a bad mood, there's nothing better than sweating out the bad vibes. Plus, running just a little faster or lifting just a little more can turn your day around and give you something to be happy about. To get the full benefits of your time at the gym, leave your phone in the corner and unplug. Focus on you, work hard and you'll walk out feeling ten times better. 

2. Indulge in a homemade treat.
If you've had a rough day, there's nothing that feels better than satisfying your sweet tooth. You love brownies, cookies, cakes, pies and ice cream? Find a way to whip up a tasty treat. You'll forget your troubles while jamming to music, measuring out ingredients, even while cleaning up your dishes. Don't stress if the recipe isn't perfect. Remember that anything with chocolate can't be bad, right? Let it cool, eat and enjoy!

3. Watch a movie.
When selecting your frustration-fighting flick, it's important that you choose something distracting and entertaining, yet not sad or too important. An action movie or a superhero movie may do the trick, or maybe your taste is more a silly comedy. Whatever your favorite genre is, choose something fun,  pop some popcorn, put your phone to the side and just fall into the movie world, forgetting everything else in the process. 

4. Go on a hike.
Hike, walk, whatever you want to call it...getting outdoors and getting some exercise will do you worlds of good. It's a great chance to unplug, think things over and gain some perspective. You'll come back feeling those endorphins and with a clear head.

5. Ride a roller coaster.
Sure, roller coasters don't grow on trees, but if you happen to live near an amusement park, don't look past the thrilling rides as a fun stress-reliever. You may be facing a fear, or just enjoying an old favorite, but who can be in a bad mood on a roller coaster? We challenge you to find that person. 

6. Organize, clean or move some furniture around.
There's nothing more cathartic than cleaning out a cluttered closet or putting things back into order. You'll have to focus on the task at hand which will distract you from what is stressing you out. You can rearrange your feng shui by moving some furniture around. When you're done, it'll be tough to be stressed or unhappy with a beautiful, clean room. New room, new you.

7. Try something new.
It can be as simple as wearing an outfit that's been hanging in the back of your closet or spending a few extra minutes trying a new Insta-worthy technique with your makeup, you'll be feeling yourself when you break free from your routine.

Remember, being in a bad mood isn't always a bad thing. Bad days happen so don't be afraid to embrace your mood and take your time in feeling better.

What helps you to blow off steam? Let us know in the comments below! 

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by Linda Horn | 10/10/2017