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The pros (and cons!) of being short


Like everything in life, being short (aka fun size) has its perks and its problems. But whether or not you like it, you are stuck with your height once you stop growing around the age of 16 or 17, so learn to accept your size and realize that you are 100 percent beautiful the way you are. That said, any girl 5’4” and below will *definitely* be able to relate to these 10 pros and cons of being petite.

Pro: Your crush is always taller.
You never have to worry about your boo being shorter than you even if you are wearing heels. Which means, that if height is important to you, you pretty much have your pick of guys. 

Con: The top shelf is the enemy.
If you’re short, you have most definitely climbed onto the kitchen counter so you can grab that bowl someone put on the highest shelf in the cabinet. And don't even get you started on grocery stores...

Pro: Heels were pretty much made for you.
No kitten heels for you. You can totally rock sky high platforms and still look a reasonable height.

Cons: Clothes are way too long.
Dresses go to your shins. The adjustable straps on tank tops are as tight as they can get. Your jeans have rips at the heels from you stepping on them.

Pro: 24/7 leg room.
Your legs never feel cramped during long car or plane rides because they don’t take up much room to begin with, therefore you can stretch out comfortably.

Con: You have to look up at tall people to talk to them .
After awhile your neck starts to get stiff.

Pro: You never have to worry about hitting your head.
Nothing can beat the sweet revenge that is walking under something that other people have to duck under or risk a concussion.

Con: Crowds are the enemy.
You can never see over anyone’s heads and people always look over yours so they bump into you. And at concerts, you pray that people won’t stand up because you have a hard enough time seeing the stage when everyone is sitting down.

Pro: You are always front and center.
Group photos are great because you are always in the front and your tall friends get banished to the back mwahahaha.

Con: People think you are younger than you are.
You may be an 8th grader on the inside but everyone who doesn’t know you definitely thinks you’re a 6th grader. Don’t worryyou’ll appreciate how young you look in the future.

Calling all petite girls: What’s the best or worst thing about being short? Sound off in the comments!

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by Maddie Smith | 2/22/2017
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