Expectations vs. reality: Workout edition


Whether you’re a serious athlete or you can barely manage to squeeze in a run or two per year, you know that working out can be interesting at times. We can easily get inspired when we see exercise tips on Pinterest or our Facebook friends boasting about their workout successes. But sometimes, we find out awfully quickly that working out in real life is a tad different than what we envision when we plan our get fit routine.

1. Planning a new workout routine for the next month...

...getting to the gym on the first day and forgetting *everything*

2. Deciding an hour or two is a decent amount of time to fit in...

...then practically collapsing after 5 minutes

3. Setting your alarm to workout before school...

...and hitting the snooze button 14 times

4. Looking cute in your new workout attire...

...getting so sweaty your clothes change to darker colors than before

5. Thinking you’ll feel fit in no time...

...and leaving the gym to go have a snack

6. Having unlimited energy and being pumped up 24/7...

...needing so many naps and feeling like jello

What’s your biggest workout struggle? How do you push through? Share with us in the comments below!


by Alexa Matthews | 5/19/2018
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