Here are the easiest plants to grow in your room

Whether you're chilling at home or moving into a dorm for the first time (exciting!!!), a few potted plants are the cutest way to make your space more cozy.

But growing plants is intimidating, especially if you haven't been a plant mom before. (You're suddenly responsible for living things! There's some pressure there, tbh.) Here are a few of the lowest-maintenance plant friends that can live indoors and are hard to kill, even if you just entered your green thumb era. Keep an eye out for these beauties on your next trip to the nursery. Your room will have its garden glow-up in no time!

1) Aloe vera


You may know this cactus-like succulent for its use in beauty products, or for after-sun skincare to go with your fave SPF. But aloe vera is easy to grow as a small houseplant.

Aloe vera comes from the desert, so it likes the sunshine, but it can still thrive indoors if you put it in a sunny spot by a window. Since it's a part of the succulent family, you only need to water it every two or three weeks—perfect for the busy girlies!

2) Split-leaf rhododendron


This cutie's tropical vibes are perfect for beachy decorating! Split-leaf rhododendron is part of the monstera family. Its leaves can grow up to 18 inches wide, so make sure you have a big enough spot in your room if you want to grow one. But this plant is easy to care for and will brighten up any space, making it a lovely starter piece of greenery.

3) Hen-and-chicks succulents


Also called echeveria, these sweeties can be easily contained to your desk or windowsill, so DW if you only have space for a tiny garden.

This succulent is native to Mexico, South America and the United States, and they only need a little water every once in a while. Make sure your succulents get some sun, but leaving them somewhere close to a window should do the trick.

4) Air plant


Air plants are part of the bromeliad family and *super* easy to grow in small spaces. They don't even need soil, so you can just keep one on your desk by itself or in a decorative container.

Air plants don't need much water; just mist them every so often with a spray bottle or dunk them under a faucet for a few seconds. And on websites like Etsy, or at most nurseries, you can buy cute little containers to hold them in a small display.

5) Jade plant


Jade plants are another succulent that is easy to care for indoors (plus, they're a traditional symbol of fortune and prosperity—and are popular houseplants for that reason!). They need minimal attention, grow very slowly (great for small spaces!) and can have a very long lifespan of up to 70 years with good care. Make sure you keep your jade plant close to a source of light.

One word of warning: Jade plants are toxic to cats and dogs, so make sure to keep your plant out of reach if you have furry friends.

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by Ava Slocum | 9/22/2023