First-day flirty: How to catch your crush's attention on Day One

School’s just around the corner, and you know what that means: You’re bound to bump shoulders with that cutie you've been dreaming about all summer. But this year, we're challenging you to make a move...on the very first day. Check out our no-fail first day flirting moves, then start planning your first date outfit (you're gonna need it). 

Dress the part

Nothing says “welcome back” like an eye-catching outfit on the first day. That obviously doesn't mean you need to don a bodycon dress and stilettos (unless that's your thing), but a flirty, fashionable look sets the tone for a cooler, more self-assured you—both helping him or her notice you and giving you the confidence you need to say hi.

Be part of the right crowd

The best wingmen/women will always be your crush's besties. The friends know everything—like what your cutie likes in a girl, if they're already into anyone, where they'll be on Friday night...Getting to know the buds is the perfect way for shy girls to get in the inner circle without all the scariness of one-on-one convos, so scope out your crush's squad and get social.

Make a super subtle move

Is the object of your affection walking by you in the hallway? Flash a smile. Is he or she in your class? Grab a seat next to them. You don't have to be obvious to make an impact!

How will you make your move this year? What's your first-day plan?  Let us know in the comments below! 


by Alexa Santiago | 2/1/2016