5 psychological tricks to help you fall in love

Let's be real: Falling in love is a little more complicated than just a couple of mind tricks, but there are ways to show your crush that you're interestedand to keep them interested in you. Here are 5 tricks we've collected that might help that special someone to take notice of you.

Maintain eye contact

Eye contact shows someone you're really listening to what they're saying. It's proven that long periods of eye contact can make someone more attracted to you. So, next time you're at lunch and you spot your crush from way across the room, don't look away! Make sure they know you're looking. The added confidence can make a *big* difference.

Try out the triangle trick

When you're having a close one-on-one convo with your crush, follow these steps. First, look at their left eye, then look at their lips and finally look at their right eye. That completes a full triangle, and your eye movements will definitely catch their attention.

Keep it positive

People tend to pick up on the vibes of those around them. That said, you want to make your crush feel warm and welcome in your company. If you put out some positive vibes—smiling, laughing, etc—your crush is sure to reciprocate the energy.

Be vulnerable

We know what you're thinking: "I'm spending time with them. Isn't that enough vulnerability?" The truth is, while spending time with your crush *is* a big step, there's still more you can do to strengthen your bond. Don't be afraid to show them you're not perfect. Revealing a flaw can help your crush feel more confident if they find the interaction intimidating. It's a foolproof way to lighten the mood and break the ice. 

Mirror them

Without copying their every move, mimicking your crush's body language is a subliminal way to enhance your connection. If your crush is sitting across from you looking laid-back and relaxed, try to give off that same vibe, Whether you mean to or not, crossing your legs (or especially your arms) can make you seem uninterested—or, worse, uncomfortable around your crush. 

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by Taylor Hancock and Riley Yates | 3/31/2024