Here's exactly what you need to know about summer flings

Summer is the perfect time for things like vacay, eating *way* too much ice cream and sleeping in super late (by super late, I mean like noon—we all need our beauty sleep, right?!). Summer is *also* a great time for a summer fling with that cutie down the street. And who knows, it could even last longer than summer! That’s the kind of thing that you just have to wait and see…but for now, let’s focus on this whole landing "summer fling". thing!

Go with the flow. If you meet someone new that you like and think might have a crush on you too, feel it out. Summer is months long, so you can take as little or as much time getting to know them before defining the relationship. Go with the flow—it’s summer, after all!  

Know what you're getting into. If you just want it to be a summer thing but he wants a long term GF (or vice versa), keep in mind that there’s a chance your fling could in an unsavory way. One way to avoid that? Constant communication. It's the key to any relationship, so be sure to discuss anything that's unclear throughout the summer, not just when you first get together.

Have fun with it! Instead of focusing on the future and what will happen once you go back to school in the fall, remain in the present and enjoy your time while it lasts. Summer is about taking a break, having fun and hanging with people you enjoy, so have fun with it!

How do you feel about summer flings? Do you have any stories to share about your fling last summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Ellie Pesetsky | 6/4/2019