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iCarly is getting a reboot and you *don't* want to miss out

Calling all fans of iCarly—the series is returning!

Yesterday afternoon, TVLine reported that Paramount+ streaming service is currently working their magic to workshop a reboot of the pop-culture Nickelodeon staple with the same Miranda Cosgrove (Carly), Jerry Trainor (Spencer) and Nathan Kress (Freddie), all of whom starred in the original show.


The original iCarly series aired from 2007-2012, following a squad of best friends who keep up a successful web show all while dealing with all the struggles and joys of being a teenager.

The new series will be produced by Ali Schouten (Diary of a Future President, Champions, Merry Happy Whatever) and Jay Kogen (producer of School of Rock, The Simpsons, Frasier), who has already spoken out about the project:

Although there isn’t a specific date on when the iCarly reboot will premiere, fans are already celebrating. 

We, for one, *can’t* wait.


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by Sophia Zhang | 12/10/2020