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EXCLUSIVE! Fact: Annie and Jayden's group chat is goals. What's more amazing than a bestie you can share all of your biggest hopes and fears with? Nothing. Except *maybe* hot Cheetos and Oreos (trust). We chat with the besties as they open up about their first deep convo together, what gets them through tough times and how they've become *totally* different people since quarantine. 


Beauty bingo! Need we say more?
It's been a looong summer. Celebrate the new school year by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying all the trends and treatments you've been dreaming about...but haven't had the motivation to do from your couch. Cross them off as you go to get B-I-N-G-O!

Have fun with fashion—"Cute jeans" = something you'll hear this szn
Our fall fashion mantra? LEAN ON YOUR JEANS. They make life a little easier—whether you're planning your first-day-back outfit or you just want a breezy look that makes you feel good at home. Need some fresh inspo? We're happy to help.

Is your smartphone secretly sabotaging your skin?
Thanks to the pandemic, teens report now spending over nine(!!) hours a day in front of a screen. And while we're not asking you to give up bingeing a constant stream of TikTok dances, it's important to know how the blue light emitted from your devices is messing with you—and how you can stop it. 

Listen up: Anti-racism means taking action
"Change is coming. We see it, we feel it, we know it." Teens really do have the loudest voices—and the most potential for change-making. We talk to the six high school girls who planned the largest peaceful protest for Black Lives Matter in Nashville—and give tips on how to get involved with educating, organizing and revolutionizing yourself and your hometown. 

Don't buy one more thing until you read this—a guide to the resale revolution.
Want to help the planet, your wallet and your style cred? Read this article for expert tips and tricks for scoring the most fashionable finds from your favorite brands (at *major* discounts) all while reducing your carbon footprint. 

Secretly kinda loved social distancing? You're not alone...
When the coronavirus pandemic shut down the world as we knew it, our social lives came screeching to a halt. While some girls began counting the minutes until they could pack their calendars again, others like Shay Rudolph, 14, realized that staying home wasn't quite so bad after all.

Let's do lunch—it's time to reboot your midday meal
Show of hands if you're tired of eating the same sandwich five days in a row? (Us!) If you've got a palm raised, too, it's time to shake up your lunch situation. And, sure, whether you're Zooming or trying to catch the bus, school mornings are busy. But being a little more intentional about yoru lunch options can bust you out of the M-F monotony—and give you a much-needed energy boost to boot. 

Beat the bedtime blues
It's Monday morning and, despite sleeping until noon yesterday, you can barely keep your eyes open as your lab partner recounts her wild babysitting adventure. Not to mention the only thing getting you through third-period geography is a venti Starbucks iced grean tea, plsandthankyou. But no amount of caffeine or OMG-worthy stories can save you from the truth: You're. Just. Plain. Tired. And, sadly, you aren't alone.

We found your *ideal* school supplies based on your study personality
Whether you do your best work sitting in total silence, teaming up with your besties or jamming to your daily mix, these supplies help you get the most out of your minutes. That whole study thing just got easier (and cuter).

Quiz: Is your best guy friend crushing on you?
From the day he sat next to you at lunch in the third grade to the time he brought you flowers after you wiped out onstage during the talent show, your BGF has always been there. No doubt you're his closest gal pal...but could he want to be more than just friends? 

Mend it like you mean it
We've all got those well worn pieces taking up space in our closets. But now you can turn those rips and tears into wearable art in just a few stitches thanks to visible mending, which can transform those clothing castaways into wearable masterpieces. 

We've got your back-to-school horoscopes and your life is about to get *way* more interesting
Even if you're just entering a new grade at the same school, those first few weeks are going to feel like a fresh start in so many ways (especially this year!). We looked to the stars for *all* the deets on what's ahead for you (think: exploring your passion, setting boundaries with your besties and shaking up your love life).

Mini missions to *crush* before the first day
You've been daydreaming about all the possibilities for this fall since, well, last spring. It may seem like you still have forever to kick-start the changes you secretly wanted to make before your year was cut short, but back-to-school time is (finally!) almost here. Meaning now's the time to get moving on your goals. We've come up with some cinchy steps to get 'em, no matter your mission. 

Everything you need to see, read and listen to this season
Sabrina Carpenter opens up about embracing her inner awkwardness on the set of Netflix's Work It!  Joel Courtney spills *all* the tea on his role as Lee Flynn in The Kissing Booth 2. Plus: Drake, Hailee Steinfeld, 5SOS and more!

 In this issue, you'll also find... 

💄 All made up...even when there's no place to go
Many girls packed away their blush brushes during quarantine—some for good. But for Vanessa Tropona, her happy place is still her beauty bag.

⭐️ 3 blatant lies (and 2 undeniable truths) pop culture told us about going back to school
This is not just any back-to-school season. Thanks to all the social distancing and lockdown orders we went through, this is poised to be a BTS of epic—even cinematic—proportions. Regular school life may feel like a distant memory, but don't forget just how wrong Hollywood gets all things academic sometimes.

💔 The relationship mistakes *anyone* can make
Yes, you can actually turn your distaster-tastic dating blunders into learning experiences. 

📚 Wait...did I forget how to school?
After months of staying home, your once-familiar routine can seem like a way, way distant memory. Here's how to walk through those double doors feeling totally prepared for everything school life throws your way. 

😷  The 6 Q's you need to ask your doc
Taking care of your body now means a healthier life later. Plus, the day is quickly coming when your parents aren't going to be heading to the doc with you. That means that the time to get comfortable with advocating for yourself and forming your own opinions about your health care is now. 

+ 8 new books to toss in your beach bag
The newbie's guide to...the 5 min. face
+ How to talk about race wherever you are
+ Make it work—a few key pieces to wake up your wardrobe
+ Awkward back-to-school moments
Dear Carol on how to deal with back-to-school worries
*All* the fun and freebies
...and more!



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