Sharing a room with your sis? Here's how to claim your own space

So your sister left for college last year and you *finally* got your own room—but now she's back. While you're happy she's home to keep you company this summer, you're not thrilled about her crashing in your room. Sharing a room with your sister is tough, but spending the summer in lockdown has made *personal space* more important than ever. Here's how you can make your side of the room feel bigger.

Establish boundaries

Sit down with your sis and have a heart to heart about your feelings. Let her know that while you enjoy having her home, you've gotten used to having a certain amount of privacy. Chances are, she feels the same way. Make a list of things you're totally fine sharing (t-shirts, old books, phone chargers) and things you'd prefer she didn't use (expensive makeup, vintage pair of shoes, your diary). See if you can agree on designated private times or quiet hours.

Decorate your walls

Now that you've talked it out, choose one or two walls in your room, and decorate them however you want! Create a collage of your favorite pics and posters or go minimal with one central artwork. The point is to personalize your space and make it reflect your personality. 

Get a Rug

Instead of splitting the room in half with tape, consider purchasing a new bedroom rug. A fun printed rug is a great way to create a mental boundary that elevates your room instead of making it look smaller. My personal fave is the grassy rug that's all over TikTok! 

Cut Down the Clutter

Are you constantly climbing over piles of clothes and stacking your books? It's time to get organized. Going through your belongings and getting rid of things you don't want or need anymore will make your room feel much more spacious. Donate your old clothes and hang shelves to free up floor and closet space. 

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by Elise G. Esquibel | 7/20/2020