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Disney Channel's new show is basically a middle-school survival guide

Sydney to the Max is going to be *so* amazing

Happy Friday, indeed! Tonight, Disney Channel will premiere a brand new show: Sydney to the Max. The family comedy showcases exactly what it's like for every girl making her way through middle school. From bod changes to new crushes, the show covers it all and more with moments that will make you cringe, cry, laugh and everything in between. 

Here's the deal: Sydney to the Max follows Sydney Reynolds, her single dad Max and her quick-witted grandmother Judy as they face the changes and challenges of growing up and moving through seventh grade. Flashbacks to scenes of a younger version of Sydney's dad will def remind you that the teenage experience never really changes, even with the passage of time. 

Sydney, played by Ruth Righi, is the girl you want to root for alongside her BFF, Olive, played by Ava Kolker. And, bestie alert! Ava says the pair are just as close IRL as they are on the show. 

"Ruth is the probably the closest friend I've had in a long time. We have sleepovers all the time, we'll get Starbucks after work, and we're like always FaceTiming each other. She's the best." YAS, babes!

Get ready to see the besties in action. But first watch the show's teaser trailer below:

Sydney to the Max premieres *tonight* at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel, and new episodes air every Friday!

Photo credit: Disney Channel/Ed Herrera


by Rachel Palepale + Audrey Bartholomew | 1/25/2019
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