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WATCH: Peep this exclusive Bizaardvark clip before season 3 premieres!

They're baaaaack!

Well, just about. The Bizaardvark crew—Paige, Frankie, Amelia and Bernie—return for season three Tuesday, July 24 at 10:30 a.m. and we are *stoked*.

The best part? They'll be joined by a few new members of the Vuuugle fam: Zane (Maxwell Simkins) and Rodney (Elie Samouhi). Both creators have their own channels on the show: Zane's "Zane Unboxed" and Rodney's "What's in M' Hair," that they each run with their moms. 

When the gang + their new friends set up shop for the summer at Vuuugle's beach house, Zane and Rodney turn out to be a bit more mischevious than Paige and Frankie imagined, though...

Olivia Rodrigo (Paige) and Madison Hu (Frankie) filled us in on a little secret, though: Zane and Rodney actually look up to their characters a ton...

GL: What is it about Paige and Frankie that Zane and Rodney love so much?
Olivia Rodrigo: 
Paige and Frankie are probably the most mature members of the Vuuugle House, so Zane and Rodney look up to them for guidance. However, Paige and Frankie are still working on their role model skills, so a lot of fun adventures ensue.

GL: What does it mean to you personally to be a role model?
I don't often see myself as a role model, but if people are looking up to me I hope they are inspired to be kind to themselves and others. My role models are Lauren Singer and Bunny Michael. They inspire me with their positive and impactful messages.
MU: Being a role model, to me, means setting a good example for the next generation. Paige and Frankie's close friendship sets an example as well their strong work-ethic; I think they are doing great as role models for Zane and Rodney. I personally look up to Greta Gerwig. She writes, directs, and acts phenomenally and has sparked my dream to do the same.

GL: Since season three has such a summer vibe, we have to ask: What's your fave way to relax in the summer?
OR: I love hanging by the pool with my friends!
MU: It gets really hot during the summer, so I like to cool off any way I can: I go to the pool, eat ice cream, and drink smoothies, just to name a few.

GL: What would *your* dream vacay house include?
OR: A movie screening room would be a must! A karaoke machine would be fun. I love how the summer Vuuugle House is on the beach, so I think my dream summer house would be on the beach too.
MU: My dream summer vacation house would include lots of puppies and a huge pool! I would swim all day and be surrounded by tons of cute puppies—the perfect way to spend my summer."

Who do *you* look up to? What's your fave way to chill in the summer? Share in the comments!

Photo credit: Disney Channel


by GL | 7/23/2018