Our fave celeb quotes from 2012

It’s almost time to ring in the new year, and here at GL we’ve been looking back on all our fave moments from 2012. Flipping through the past year’s-worth of issues, we came across some pretty memorable lines from all the celebs we’ve interviewed these last 12 months. Some are funny, some are inspiring…and some are just darn cute. Read on for some wisdom from your fave stars!


Which was your favorite GL celeb interview this year? Blog about it, babes.

  • 1miranda.jpg
    Miranda shares breakup advice

    “Everybody remembers their first breakup. You feel like it’s never going to pass. But, with time, you see it’s not the end of the world.”—Miranda Cosgrove (Girls’ Life December/January 2012)

  • 2cymphonique.jpg
    Cymphonique is chill

    “Laugh at yourself. If you don’t show you’re embarrassed, others can’t embarrass you!”—Cymphonique (Girls’ Life December/January 2012)

  • 3lily.jpg
    Lily’s looking for Prince Charming

    “[I’m looking for] somebody who makes me laugh and makes me feel like just being myself is good enough for him.”—Lily Collins (Girls’ Life February/March 2012)

  • 4erica.jpg
    Erica’s wise

    “Follow your own passions. You’ll be surrounded by people who share the same interests, and you won’t have to worry about fitting in so much.”—Erica Dasher (Girls’ Life February/March 2012)

  • 5cody.jpg
    Cody’s a family dude

    “I’m really tight with my family, so I am into someone very real. Someone who I think is caring and affectionate.”—Cody Simpson (Girls’ Life February/March 2012)

  • 6zendaya.jpg
    Zendaya’s got the key to friendship

    “Everybody gets jealous of their best friend at some point, but you have to realize what great things you have in your life.”—Zendaya (Girls’ Life February/March 2012)

  • 7niall.jpg
    Niall’s pretty simple

    “[My dream girl is] someone who is cute and who I have something in common with.”—Niall Horan (Girls’ Life April/May 2012)

  • 8jackie.jpg
    Jackie has a heart of gold

    “If everybody would just open their hearts and live by the light of love, all the stuff that plagues society wouldn’t exist.”—Jackie Emerson (Girls’ Life April/May 2012)

  • 9alexander.jpg
    Alex digs bold babes

    “It’s a really attractive quality when girls are brave enough to take the initiative and make the first move.”—Alexander Ludwig (Girls’ Life April/May 2012)

  • 10lucy.jpg
    Lucy knows what’s up

    “You only get one body, might as well love it.”—Lucy Hale (Girls’ Life June/July 2012)

  • 11ariana.jpg
    Ariana is real

    “You can try all you want to tell kids to be nice to one another, but it’s human nature. I learned it’s important to focus on being OK with who I am—and to know I have friends and family who love who I am.”—Ariana Grande (Girls’ Life August/September 2012)

  • 12bridgit.jpg
    Bridgit’s full of fun

    “Growing up, there’s a lot of pressure to be normal. But normal isn’t as fun as being yourself.”—Bridget Mendler (Girls’ Life October/November 2012)

  • 13louis.jpg
    Louis gets candid
    “Niall should stop passing wind in front of women. He does that often, which I find a little disturbing.”—Louis Tomlinson (Girls’ Life December/January 2013)
  • 14victoria.jpg
    Victoria’s looking towards the future

    “I’m learning something new every day and looking forward to even more experiences. You never know what’s around the corner and what opportunity is next.”—Victoria Justice (Girls’ Life December/January 2013)

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by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016