Outfits inspired by our fave 2000s movies

Don't you just wish we could travel back in time? So many eras of the past have such distinct aesthetics that influence today's trends. One of those eras is the 2000s, a not-so-long-ago period of time a lot of our fave movies take place in. From Elle Woods' perfectly pink wardrobe to Jenna Rink's iconic party dresses, this era was a great time for fashion. And if you want to switch up your personal day-to-day looks, there's no better place to look than your comfort Y2K film. Here are some outfit ideas inspired by some of our fave movies of the new millennium. 

Legally Blonde

Top, $13 | Skirt, $21| Blazer, $70 | Shoes, $130

Who says you can't be studious and stylish? Elle Woods proves you can truly do it all—and in style. As a Harvard graduate, she dresses to impress with lots of professional attire, but that doesn't mean her clothes have to be boring or bland or "serious" (as she says in the film). She dons all pink and struts into class, showing everyone that she doesn't need to sacrifice her personal style to be taken seriously as a law student. 

13 Going On 30

Dress, $20 | Shoes, $59 | Necklace, $26

Jenna Rink's style in 13 Going On 30 captures her essence beautifully––bold, ambitious and authentic. This colorful look takes us back to one of Jenna's most iconic looks from the film and each component adds a touch of her vibrant personality. More than just that, use this look as a way to be your most confident self. Try mimicking Jenna's bright makeup look or experimenting with a new hairstyle—then tie the look together with your own personal flair.

High School Musical 

Dress, $30 | Bow, $5 | Shoes, $20

Gabriella's soft-spoken nature is part of her strength as one of the protagonists of the High School Musical trilogy. Contrary to other characters of the film series, Gabriella is very down-to-earth and introverted. Her style might be simple, but it's also what makes her stand out of the crowd as East High's resident it-girl (alongside Sharpay, ofc). 


Top, $22 | Pants, $39 | Boots, $150 | Jacket, $52

Bella Swan's closet is full of dark colors and pretty basic pieces. She would probably be the first to tell you how little she knows about fashion, but there are still a lot of moments where Bella's looks have us completely jealous. Her style might not be super complicated, but it still uses a lot of layers. Bella's style is perfect for everyday looks, and while her aesthetic is a lot edgier than most 2000s fashion trends, it sets her apart and shows her true individuality. 

The Cheetah Girls

Earrings, $50 | Top, $20 | Skirt, $26 | Shoes, $85

Before Fifth Harmony or Little Mix, there were the Cheetah Girls. Their distinct chemistry and aesthetic together as a group cemented them as style icons of their time. A big part of their fashion was, ofc, the cheetah print they were most known to incorporate in their looks. In true Cheetah Girls fashion, maybe try coordinating your looks with your besties!

Freaky Friday

White blazer, $48 | White dress, $34 | Denim jacket, $60| Green dress, $26 | Pearls, $14 | Choker, $3

You might like to switch it up when it comes to your everyday style. Much like this 2003 classic, your aesthetic is all over the place and, when asked to describe it to your friends, you rarely have a real answer––and that's totally OK! Who says you have to stay inside of the box, especially when it comes to what you wear? Anna and Tess from Freaky Friday both have distinctly different tastes, but we can awlays take some inspo from both of their closets, whether you're more preppy or more punk. 

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by Mina Rahmat | 6/24/2023