How (and where) to get rid of your old clothes


Closet getting a bit overstuffed? Maybe all your clothes are fitting too tight or loose. Or, perhaps you've outgrown your old aesthetic in favor of a new one. If this is you, it's probably time for a deep clean. Declutter your closet (and potentially make some extra $$) with our helpful guide to getting rid of your old clothes.

Determine what stays and what goes


The first step on the path to a cleaner closet is evaluating your wardrobe. My go-to method is pulling all of my clothes out of my closet, throwing them into a pile on the bed, and trying them all on. If you've bought something super-recently, it probably doesn't need a try-on, but it's always a good idea to give old clothes a whirl. Even if they do fit, you might not be in love with them anymore. Ask yourself how often you've worn each item. Is it enough to justify keeping it? Or is time for your lime-green mock neck to go? As you move through the pile. you can fold what you're keeping and make a new pile for discards.

Check in with your fam


Before you throw out the sweater grandma knitted you for Christmas last year, check in with your family about what you're planning to dump. You don't want to accidentally give away anything of sentimental value, or any of your siblings' clothes. If you have younger sibs or cousins, consider offering them your old clothes as hand-me-downs. If they're in good condition, you can wash them and box them up to ship across the country. Who doesn't appreciate free clothes?

If you're going to...



Donating clothes to your local Goodwill or other thrift store helps them stay running. Sometimes, your parents will get a tax credit or a discount to use at the store later. You'll get rid of your clothes fast and without a hassle. Just make sure the clothes are in good condition—ripped, torn, and badly stained clothes are better suited for the trash—and empty your pockets! You never know what you've left in them, and it's better to be safe than sorry.



Yardsales aren't exactly poppin' in the age of COVID-19. Too much close proximity and potentially unsanitized objects. But that doesn't mean you can't still sell your old clothes. Hop onto an app like Depop or Etsy (or make your own IG page) and upload clear pics of the items you want to get rid of. You can look at similar items to get a feel for how you should price your clothes. Vet potential buyers to make sure they're legit, and be ready to wait for a sale. It might take longer than donating, but eventually, you'll have a payday.



You already borrow their sweaters and dresses, so why not make things official? As long as you're willing to wash everything and follow CDC protocols, swapping clothes with your besties is a great way to empty and restock your wardrobe at the same time. Start by creating a group chat where you can message what you're willing to swap. Once you've come to an agreement, meet up and make the trade.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/7/2020