Quiz - Plan your perf school year and we'll tell you what to wear on the first day

This quiz is sponsored by Aéropostale


Summer might still be in full swing, but it's never too early to start stocking up on school supplies, mapping out your sched and, of course, dreaming up the most darling first-day outfit. But, like, how do you even begin to select such an important ensemble? 


Well, fill us in on *your* ideal academic year and we'll pick out the perf Aéropostale look for you to rock as you strut down the halls. Whether you can't wait for the first football game or you're already planning a wonderful winter break, there's a BTS style that matches *you* perfectly. So...what, exactly, should you wear?! Take this quiz to find out...


 Pssst!  Every girl who takes this quiz can enter to win the *ultimate* Aéropostale wardrobe!


This school year, which class are you *most* excited about?


The homecoming game just kicked off. Where are you?


Your school is holding a bake sale to raise money for the arts. What sweet treat are you contributing?


It's finally winter break! What are your plans?


Finish this sentence: "When the spring semester starts, I'm going to join __________."


Student council needs your help with the spring dance. You're their go-to girl for...


You're spending Friday night binging Netflix with your besties. You're watching...


Final report cards are in and you got *amazing* grades—yay! How are you celebrating?